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Is The Amazon Kindle A Good Investment?

Updated on December 16, 2009

Every year, lots of new products are realeased in the US and other countries to profit from the holiday season. In particular, gadgets of every type have been created by high tech companies.

In each case the decision of what to buy for yourself or your family comes to what will give you more for the price. You don't want to spend $300 to $500 in a gadget that you will use only once in your life. It is not a good use of your money.

In particular, the Amazon Kindle is a gadget that has brought a lot of attention from users and the media. It is an electronic reader that can be used to store thousands of books in a digital format. From a commercial standpoint, the Kindle has been really successful. It provides all the features that you would expect from a digital reader, and even more.

Given my personal experience with the Kindle, I would like to show why I think it is a good investment. There is a lot of gadgets that you can buy for yourself or your family, but very few of them offer the same level of features that the Kindle provides. I will give you a quick list of what I consider to be the most important of these features, and help you make a conscious choice before you pay the $250 bucks for this device.

Features of the Kindle

Here is a list of features of the Kindle: 

It gives you access to lots of books at the same time: one of the problem of reading many books is that you have to carry them. Even if you don't need to carry them, you need to store the book in some place. I have lots of book shelves stored with books that I rarely read. Every year there are more books to read, so I contemplate a situation where I will use more real estate for book than for myself. A few people already live in a situation like this.

To avoid clutter, the Kindle is a great solution. You can buy the books that you want, and store them in a small device, instead of spending money on more book shelves. You can carry thousands of books in a single gadget. This is again a win-win situation.

It saves you money in each book: another cost of buying books is the cover price. The more you read, the more you have to spend. Also, you need to pay for delivery. With the Kindle, this is a thing of the past. Delivery with the Kindle is electronic, so you don't need to pay for delivery. Each book is sold for less than the cover price, and this means extra savings for your pocket. Moreover, no storage costs means that you don't need to pay for additional shelves to store your book.

You can ready new books instantaneously: Using the Amazon store, you can have access to books immediately after you buy them. This is a great feature, because one of the disadvantages of Amazon compared to physical bookstores is the lag time. A real bookstore gives you the instant satisfaction of having the book in your hands. Now, using the Kindle, you can have any book in the Amazon bookstore imediately. Moreover, with the Kindle your books can be delivered anywhere.

Internet access for simple pages: Another great feature of the Kindle is that it has built in Internet access. This is how it connects to the Amazon store, and the same access can be used to read other web pages. Sure, the Kindle doesn't have a good browser, and the connection is slow compared to other devices. However, if you really need to get some information on a simple web page, you can use the Kindle as a web browser. It is a very nice feature that can help you if you don't have any other access to the Internet. And, what is better, it is a feature that comes free of cost: you don't have to pay monthly fee to use this wireless access.

In conclusion, the Kindle has so many nice features that I believe it is a great investment. If you want to buy a new gadget that will be really useful for yourself and your family, the Amazon Kindle is probably the best option around.


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