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Karma and the Art of Hub Commentary

Updated on March 31, 2012
Karma is a cornerstone of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.
Karma is a cornerstone of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. | Source

What goes around comes around is how many westerners think of karma. A cornerstone of both Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, karma originated in ancient India. The english translation of the sanskrit word karma is action. HubPages scores your karma, as well as your profile page and each hub. On HubPages your karma goes up when you link other hubs to your hub. My HubPages karma score is 88 . . . but honestly . . . who cares? While karma means varied things to different hubbers, it seems to me hub commentary is where true karma takes place. Positive comments empower hubbers and create feelings of success. Negative comments or deleting positive comments leads to discontent. In his book The Essential Dalai Lama, the Dalai Lama devotes chapter 10 to karma. He says karma is more than just cause and effect, because it involves intentional action and therefore an agent.

Roses like people, bloom when supported by good karma.
Roses like people, bloom when supported by good karma. | Source
Positive comments make followers and friends.
Positive comments make followers and friends.

Motivation and Intent

Intent is defined as resolve or determined to do. What motivates our intention? Let's think of our hubs as gardens and the comment capsules as flower beds. After reading a hub you may feel compelled to comment and vote up, useful, funny, beautiful, awesome or interesting. Your thoughts are seeds that sprout into sentences to enhance the hub you have read. The hub's gardener is free to approve or deny your comment as well as respond. A gracious gardener will favor nourishing comments with positive feedback. Even a bland remark such as "great hub" is fertilizer for the garden. Positive interaction in the comment capsule creates friends, followers and flourishing hubs.

Jealousy, Anger and Disgust

Before you post your comment ask yourself "What are my motives behind this comment." Experiencing a negative motive, such as jealousy, anger or disgust calls for introspection. According to the Dali Lama afflictive emotion is our ultimate enemy and a source of suffering. Emotions without proper reason are what buddhists call afflictive emotion. Afflictive emotion eats at inner peace and becomes the inner enemy, eventually destroying peace of mind and even health, and friendships. Compassion and altruism on the other hand are emotions that have reasoning and intelligence behind them. I have seen a few negative and abusive comments. A hub gardener has every right to pull these noxious weeds. Press delete, forgive the ignorant troll and cultivate good karma.

Ignorance and Forgiveness

Why did the troll put that rock in your garden? Buddhists believe that delusion or ignorance is the stumbling block to spiritual progress. Hubbers or outsiders who leave abusive comments do so from small mindedness. The spiritually aware, more karmic minded hubber looks beyond and sees a rainbow of people with unique thoughts to share.

What does karma mean to you?

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"Do not commit any unwholesome actions,
Accumulate virtuous deeds,
Tame and train your own mind."
Shakyamuni Buddha


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    • ACSutliff profile image


      3 years ago

      Wow YogaKat,

      I am so very happy to hear you say that! I am truly honored to know that my little hub inspired you to go back to something you used to love doing. I could not wish for anything more.

      Thank you so much for sharing!

    • YogaKat profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

      Wow . . . so glad you stopped in to comment AC . . . I just finished reading your step one hub on building a fantasy world. I am NOW inspired to start writing fantasy fiction again. It's been a while but my writer's boulder seems to have been nudged by the amazing world you created.

    • ACSutliff profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi YogaKat,

      I feel very lucky (but perhaps it wasn't really luck) to have found this hub by you. And to have "met" you, in a way, here on HubPages. I am writing a fantasy for young adults that includes aspects of meditation, yoga, and even karma to a certain extent. I happened to stumble across you while reading the comments in a friend's hub. So not only can Hub comments reach the author, but other readers too!

      I love your take on the Hub comment area as a garden. It makes me think about the friendly insects who pollinate flowers, flitting in and out and hopefully bringing something to spur more growth while they are here. Do you think it's common for people to post comments just to draw people back to their own Hubs? For me, giving and receiving comments is a big motivator for posting, I have to be honest. My goal is to really know what people think when they read something of mine, so I want to get those sorts of comments from people. Since that is the sort of comment I'm hoping for, I always try to make my comments matter to the author. In a sense, I guess it's my own interpretation of Karma. You have to put in what you hope to get out.

      I wish that all Hubbers had the same outlook on comments as you do! I was active on HubPages a long time ago (it feels like!) and I made some great friends by commenting, so I can personally attest to your words. This is a great space for friendships to bloom and for us to support each other.

      Looking forward to reading more from you,


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      YogaKat - I enjoyed this, as I do the others of yours that I have read.

      I am a believer of Karma, and always try to be kind.

    • YogaKat profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

      Easy Exercise - thanks for the flower food. HubPages is my favorite garden too.

    • Easy Exercise profile image

      Kelly A Burnett 

      5 years ago from United States


      Very nicely done. I love this. Oh, we just don't take the time to be kind, to connect with one another. Voted up! Thank you for brightening my day with your rose and I pray this is a tiny bit of fertilizer for my favorite garden on the web - HubPages.

    • YogaKat profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

      Stessily, I am always amazed by the wonderful seeds you plant in my comment capsules. My friend was given the statue by a neighbor who moved. I am going to see her today. She will love to hear of the interest her statue generated. I never noticed the Thai flavor, but yes you are right.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      YogaKat, Your analogy is presented beautifully. I also think of my writings as my garden. Fortunately, only one comment which was left for me needed to be weeded; it was weird.

      The statue is wonderfully serene. I see in your comment that it lives in your friend's garden. The pose, the head covering, and clothing all convey a Thai flavor which is delicately appealing. Does your friend have any information on the sculptor or artistic influences?

      I especially value the insights from the Dalai Lama, whose presence and writings have had a profound effect upon me.

      Kind regards, Stessily

    • Sparklea profile image


      7 years ago from Upstate New York

      You are welcome, you deserve this accolade yogakat :)

      Blessings, Sparklea :)

    • YogaKat profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

      Sparklea, thank you this rosy, flourishing accolade. I am honored.

    • Sparklea profile image


      7 years ago from Upstate New York

      Yogakat: I am a HUGE believer in Karma so really loved reading your hub. Voted up, useful, beautiful, awesome and interesting. The pictures are spectacular! They match your words perfectly. Your remark about hubbers leaving abusive comments do so from small mindedness is right on. Words are very powerful and abusive words can destroy one's spirit. THANK YOU for this tremendous write. LOVED "your thoughts are seeds that sprout into sentences..." Phenomenal! Blessings, Sparklea :)

    • YogaKat profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

      Thank you GoodLady for your lovely comment . . . your positivity just made my day :) Buckleupdorothy - the statue is from my friend's garden, she will love to hear this remark!

    • buckleupdorothy profile image


      7 years ago from Istanbul, Turkey

      I love that statue in your first photo - is it from your own garden?

    • GoodLady profile image

      Penelope Hart 

      7 years ago from Rome, Italy

      It's the most beatiful Hub. Lovely to tune into the spiritual aspect of our Hub fellowship, the cause and effect of comment on our psyches. Nice Sunday morning reflection, thanks.


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