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My Hubbook of Niche Hubs

Updated on May 18, 2017


My list of hubs that were selected and moved to niche sites.

- Aug. 2016

updated: Oct. 2016


In July of 2016, HubPages decided to make a major change to the structure of the website. They decided to create multiple niche sites and move a certain number of hubs of high quality to these new sites. The thinking being that they would be treated more highly by Google searches.and thus generate more views. This will help both HubPages and member hubbers to earm more money. The experiment is on going. So far, in three months, the results are spotty. I have a few hubs listed below that made the transition. My number of views have seen some increases but not significant. I have noticed that the google search page rank of the hubs have gone down in some cases. I will keep monitoring these hubs.

One way that will indicate success is by the earnings. Also, the number of views over time. In typical hubs on HubPages, once a hub is published and featured, it will get some initial traffic. Over a period of weeks, the view count will drop and eventually goes down to zero. If after 6 months or so, and the traffic is nil, the hub will become un-featured.


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    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 months ago

      Personally, I hate this new thing.

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