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Not Your Typical Make Money with Ad-Sense Article

Updated on January 4, 2011

As most of you reading this have probably discovered, writing quality content and generating ad revenue through Ad-Sense, Chitika, Amazon or other affiliate marketing is a difficult task. You find yourself sitting there searching, “how to make money using ad-sense, how to increase website traffic, how to draw more readers or the myriad of other searches that landed you to this page. And then the thought hits you!!! Here I am, looking through another persons article about increasing my traffic, increasing my ad-sense revenue, why not write my own?

It seems most successful ad-sense users have found that it’s an extremely popular topic to write about help with ad-sense, maximizing ad-sense revenue and various other “tips and tricks”. Most of these articles are poorly written and purely designed as a headline grabber to pull in traffic. This article may or may not be any different, but….its all in the eye of the beholder.

My story is simple. I’ve always had a passion for writing, expressing myself, and only recently decided to reach an audience. In October of 2010, I decided to venture online with a blog of my own, What I didn’t realize was how extremely patient you need to be while spending considerable amounts of time developing content, finding a voice, targeting an audience and replicating that process over and over. Its very discouraging at first to write and publish and then hear crickets.

Performing one of those searches we’re all familiar with….’how to make money with ad-sense”….I came across a Hubpage article about the topic. It seemed reasonable that I could churn out some hubs and gain some exposure for my other writing. Besides, I wanted to explore other topics of interest because I haven’t found my true niche and this would be a great opportunity. So here I am. Somewhat of a newbie to Hubpages, blogging, etc, but beginning to enjoy the process.

Initially, thoughts of ad-sense dollars piling up seemed alluring, but as reality hit and it seems that I could just as easily win the lottery as successfully making any meaningful revenue writing, I’ve gradually began to appreciate what is truly great about Hubpages.

Its not about the revenue, it’s the camaraderie. Its waking up in the morning and seeing that someone has decided to follow your writing. That an article that you are proud of is drawing visitors and attracting comments. That maybe just one person may have thought about what is written and make a change to his or her own life or viewpoints because of it. Those types of notions are rewarding beyond dollars. It’s a whole evolution of the thought process and has really helped me become a better thinker, more rational, more observant.

When the focus is on the money, writing becomes a chore. But when the focus is on the audience, of the passion you have for a topic, then it becomes an expression of art, of your identity of emotion. Now that’s not to say that I don’t aspire to write attention grabbing headlines, drawing traffic for increased clicks, but by making that the sole focus, misses the point.

So I’ve developed a strategy that I employ. I guess, in a way, this would be my only real “tip” of the article. We all sit here struggling to find that way to make it work. I’ve often thought, if you admire someone’s writing, click on one of their ad’s. So that’s what I do, even if I’m not interested in the ad, I find myself clicking through on the articles that I’ve appreciated….what does it hurt to blow 5 seconds waiting for an ad to load, in a way, I feel its my way of leaving a tip for their content and for them to keep on writing!



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