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Chitika vs. Google AdSense: The Competitive Analysis of Google AdSense and Chitika Advertising

Updated on June 28, 2011

Chitika advertising and Google AdSense becoming the best to make fast money or quick money. With no doubt Google ad sense program is the best among all other advertising solution to make extra money which has several prove in Google ad sense forum, many website publishers success stories etc. Besides this ad sense, there is Chitika which is also a great solution to make extra money and can be used with Google AdSense. As both of them has a good fame to make extra money people always ask themselves how to make money fast with Chitika and Google AdSense? Or, which advertisement is the best for online advertising? Or, which have better (not high because it's quite difficult to measure) CTR, payments etc. Or, which is best to earn money? etc. Actually, these questions are easy to ask but not quite easy to answer properly. Remember, both the Google AdSense and Chitika are targeted to specific kind of websites or blogs or forums and can be limited to your website or blog or forum language. Throughout this page, I'll try to explain you the some of the competitive analysis between Google AdSense and Chitika.

Ideas to make money is the great desire for all web publishers. How to make money blogging is also the secret desire to all.


Chitika is one of the most popular pay-per-click advertisement network on the Internet for web publishers which is capable (a) ads with the power of search, (b) capitalize on publishers SEO traffic and (c) works with Google AdSense. Chitika is the only advertiser which is directly competes to Google AdSesne by allowing you to get relatively higher pay-per-click value thant the giant Google AdSense advertisements. Chitika ads are different from Google AdSEsne ads. Some of the remarkable characteristis of Chitika are:

  • Pictures in ads: Chitika ad contains pictures in advertising to target more specific products and increase publishers earnings.
  • Control and Chitika: Publishers can select keyword-based trgeted advertisements according to their own freedoms.
  • Affiliate program in Chitika: Chitika always offer publishers affiliate program to make more money excluding the ads.

Chitika makes sure publisher SEO'd site is cashing in on that search engine traffic with Chitika | Premium, the world's premiere search targeted advertising solution!

Google AdSense

With Google AdSense you can maximize revenue from your online content. Google ad sense is a free program that enables website publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads and earn. Even now, Google ad sense is the most popular advertising network on the Internet which are going to pay publishers for ad clicks and page impressions also. Google AdSesne have some remarkable good and different features than Chitika:

  • Image ads and graphics ads: Google AdSesnse has the ability to show you image or graphic ads and banners. Both of them are really eye catching and loads very fast.
  • Customization and Google AdSense: Google AdSese offere lots of customization with different ad size and color than Chitika.
  • Ad types in Google AdSense: Many other features are also included in Google AdSense to improve your earnings.

Google AdSesne is the largest and most popular pay-per-click advertisment network and has a huge advertisers database and very helpful for website publishers to earn money easily.

Chitika Vs. Google AdSesne

Both Chitika and Google AdSense have great advantages for the publishers to earn money. But both the services have some limitations to the international publishers. For example, Chitika does not allow publishers to display some advanced ads to the visitors who are outside form USA and Canada. But the great news is that all the publishers can get a better pay-per-click rating than giant Google AdSense for the international visitors.

On the other hand, Google AdSense has a huge advertisers database. For this giant database, Google AdSense always offers publishers the most relevant advertisements. But Chitika and other ad networks doesn't capable to provide this great opportunity for showing most relevant advertisement on any website or blog or forum.

I and some of my friends are the users of both Chitika and Google AdSense. Some of the competitive analysis between Chitika and Google AdSense network are:

  • Pay-per-click: We use Chitika for the month August '09 and find that the minimum earnings is $0.11 per click through Chitika. Where as Google AdSense has the minimum earnings is $0.01 per click sometimes.
  • Click through rating: Both the Chitika and Google AdSense are implemented on the same website and blogs. But we experienced a similar CTR for both Chitika and Google AdSense. I think, it may increase the CTR for others who has different site content than ours.
  • Related ads: Here the Google AdSense is the boss. Google AdSense has a huge database and can easily display related ads from Google's database which all are solely related to the page contents. But Chitika doesn't have this great feature's. Most of the time we experience it has only 3-6 different advertisers for most of the website or blog or forum contents.
  • Ad customization: Chitika doesn't provide the very close customization to all of it's publishers. But the Google AdSense can do it for the publishers. Google AdSense offers complet customization feature with different ad block size and color  which is very suitable for your website.
  • Additional ad types: Chitika offers some other additional feature than Google AdSense. Affiliate programs are only available to Chitika and it offers you some more money by referring other publishers and advertisers to Chitika advertisement services. But Google AdSense doesn't offer this type of affiliate programs.
  • Payments: Chitika pays to it's publishers through PayPal with the minimum payout of $10.00. Whereas, Google AdSense doesn't support PayPal payout. Moreover, the minimum payout for Google AdSesne is $100.00. But both the services allow the payment through checks around the world.

My Personal Remarks

Both Google AdSense and Chitika are advertising solution for the publishers to earn money. Both of them have some similiarities and dis-similarities. Which one is best is difficult to say. But the real fact is that Google AdSense has a huge database and is very suitable to the target-able ads. But Chitika provides you to make money per click on the advertisements.

It is seen that Google AdSense and Chitika are very competitive. Google AdSense is good because it is suitable for most of the contents as it has a huge database. But Chitika plays really nice some times. Chitika is very good for sites with targeted nice like apple products, digital cameras, e-books etc. Chitika provides product's images and ads. In fact images are the real attraction for the visitors and visitors often click on them and finally the advertisers get benefited.

At last, it can be said which one is best is totally hard to say confidently. Sometimes Google AdSense is better and sometimes Chitika ads are better and sometimes both of them are profitable. So, my personal opinion is to use both of them to your website or blog or forum and make experiment yourself which on is profitable to where and then apply them according to your profitability.

@Written by rancidTaste


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