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How Living One Day at a Time, Moment by Moment Can Change Your Life

Updated on May 30, 2013

Losing Your Mind

Try All You Want

It doesn’t matter how much you want something, need something, miss something or care about something, the fact that human emotions are at play is a truth that cannot be escaped. Its because of this fact that life will always have elements that are out of our control. All of the strength and reason in the world cannot change or control the actions of others. Of course there are ways to control people, but most are unethical if not simply illegal. Besides, that’s not how we want to live, controlling the free will of others.

Be Willing to Accept You Can't

Sometimes you can spell it out as plain as day, be 100% correct, time after time, but if the other person is unwilling or not accepting, no matter how right or wrong, you cannot control the other person if they don’t want what you want. Like a relationship, you can want somebody all you want, miss them, rationalize how perfect it is, was, could be, but all of the reasoning in the world can’t convince another person to change their emotions to suit your own.

We fight accepting the things we cannot control, often to the extent that it ruins our lives. We get wrapped up concocting stories and scenarios to make it seem less harsh than reality, because the truth often hurts. But learning to let go, accept that we cannot control hardly anything in life is not an easy task. We strive to focus on the present, often yielding inconsistent results. Even within a day, we may start the day vowing to stay focused and ‘in the moment” but a random phone call, text or conversation here and there and we quickly lose sight of that noble objective.

The fact is, we as humans to a large extent are habitual and routine, but have the innate capacity to adapt and change depending on our environment. Because the world is constantly in motion, changing and evolving, we’re constantly adapting, reacting and varying the subtleties in our lives. Because these changes are unpredictable, its impossible to account for all of the elements, scenarios and outcomes necessary to exert absolute control Yet try we do, to control as much as we can, grasping to create a life of predictability to satisfy ourselves. That’s no way to live.

Do you lose sleep worrying about things you can't control?

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Most of What We Stress About Never Actually Happens

At best, we can hope to make decisions that lead to optimal results. But that is as good as it gets. The outcome, no matter how certain, ultimately has susceptibility to flaws. Perfection is imperfect. Living in the moment, one day at a time, and reacting is the only true way to accept life.

Thinking, feeling, living based on emotions of actions yet to be lived takes root of us all from time to time. The further out the action underlying the thought may be, the more time there is for life to happen and impact or even change the outcome when the moment actually arrives. Because there is this uncertainty, why vest so much effort, thought and emotion worrying about the future? Today is truly all that we have, yet we let our thoughts drift to events days, weeks even months into the future, events that have not, or may not ever really be lived and acted out.

Freedom is Within Your Reach

Set Yourself Free

By living in the moment, one day at a time, we free up that part of us that is occupied with thoughts and worry about the future. We can re-invest that energy and effort into finding deeper more fulfilling meaning in the simplicity of life.

No longer are we concerned with trivial matters or complex interpersonal affairs that consume us. Instead, we savor the sunrise and warmth of first light. Rejoice with the sunset as we appreciate the moments that we were able to experience, just for today. We open up a part of our being that is more compassionate and giving and willing to intertwine and interact with our environment. Whether it be the people around us, nature or our own thoughts, a calmer more serene sense of being washes over us.

All of the little things that we over look and push off till tomorrow begin to re-prioritize themselves. Maybe that phone call to a loved one gets placed sooner, or that donation to charity happens sooner than at year end for a tax deduction. Wherever that energy that is freed up from letting go of future wants, needs, and desires may go, it certainly returns itself in higher interest today where its benefits are greater than if you would have held on to such self-restrictive thoughts.

Its not to say that wanting or desiring for things is wrong, but to the extent they interfere with actively being aware and involved in life at this very moment, consideration to removing them should be given.

One day at a time, life unfolds; moment by moment. To live any other way denies this simple truth and robs us of winning our greatest fortune.

Life is like a Vegas Casino, you’ve got to be present to win.


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    • yolanda yvette profile image

      yolanda yvette 

      8 years ago

      This is a great hub.

      'One day at a time life unfolds; moment by moment. To live any other way denies this simple truth and robs us of our greatest fortune.' So true.

      In life, we have to be present to win.


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