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100 Hubs In 10 Days Progress Log

Updated on May 6, 2010

100 Hubs in 10 Days - Let's Do This

Yesterday, I threw my idea out there to replace the twice unsuccessful 30 Hubs in 30 Hours Lightning HubChallenge. The concept is essentially the same. Write a lot of hubs fast. Publish a ton of those hubs. Let the power of larger numbers work its magic. The challenge? Write 100 Hubs in 10 Days.

So far, reaction here on HubPages and on my writing for money blog have been mostly positive, if someone dubious. I will admit that 10 Hubs per day can seem daunting. However, with a plan, fast typing fingers, and a willingness to write now, link later, cranking out 100 Hubs in just 10 days is completely doable.

The number one concern voiced by readers, after wondering if it can even be done, is that quality will suffer. Fortunately, this is one area, I doubt I'll have to worry about much. Even when I've tried to crank out "junk" for some low-paying high-volume project of mine, I usually end up having to edit and pare down what I have written to get it to qualify as low tier. My primary concern is taking too long on each hub. I often get into what I am writing and find it difficult to stop explaining related topics or detailing the uncommon exceptions. As a result, many of my 500 word plans end up being 900 word articles!

Write 100 Hubs Quick!

100 Hubs In Just 10 Days Time!
100 Hubs In Just 10 Days Time!

HubChallenge Log and Hub #1

Without further ado, I give you Hub #1.

Actually, you are already reading Hub #1. This hub will serve as both a HubChallenge log so that those who are interested in how the Turbo Lightning Hub Challenge is proceeding can follow along, either in real time, or at some time in the future, as well as a way for HubPage readers (and me) to keep track of which hubs are a part of the 100 Hubs being written over the next ten days.

I don't have a fully sketched out plan, yet, but I do have a framework I will be writing under. I won't go into too much detail in order to maintain the surprise, as well as give myself some wiggle room if I decide to switch things up a bit. The main theme of this Turbo Lightning HubChallenge will be selling out. These Hubs will be a long list of articles dedicated to high-paying cost per click keywords. Not that I intend for anything to come of that, but I figured if I ever wanted to work the cheesy side, now was the time :)

Here we go!

100 Hubs Published in 10 Days

100 Hubs in 10 Days Turbo Lighting Hub Challenge starts soon!

Actually, it will start when I can look at my calendar for the week and not see a schedule so packed that no amount of attention deficit disorder would help get to everything. (That was a lame attempt to work in a link. So sue me.)

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    • Availiasvision profile image

      Jennifer Arnett 4 years ago from California

      I don't think I could turn out 100 hubs in 10 days, if you fed me gallons of coffee and chained me to a desk. That really is amazing, if anyone can pull it off. For me, I usually spend several days on each hub, and often go back and tweak it several times.

    • Hub Llama profile image

      Hub Llama 6 years ago from Denver, CO


      That is easier said that done. No matter what anyone says, it takes a lot of time to do keyword research right and even if you do, there is no guarantee that you'll rank high enough to make it worthwhile. On the other hand, having hundreds of published hubs at your disposal to link, re-link, and flat out rank with, opens many possibilities.

      I never advocate writing junk but fast doesn't have to equal poor.

    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      I think instead of publishing lots of hub,publish quality hubs that makes you the same revenue as others combined

    • facebookchat profile image

      facebookchat 8 years ago from Shanghai, China

      Good luck!