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Recipient #3 of the Coveted Lollipop Award Is....

Updated on October 9, 2013
Lollipop Award
Lollipop Award | Source

You didn’t think I would tell you right away who the new recipient of the coveted Lollipop Award is, did you? Seriously? Not a chance. First, you have to suffer through my emotional babble.

The best thing about HubPages is the people. They are caring, colorful, cool and, great writers too. They are extraordinary people. But you know that already because I keep writing about it in my hubs.

When I think about the people here on HP, my thoughts turn to happy times as a child. Do you remember being a kid and getting a brand new box of 100 Crayola Crayons for Christmas? Do you remember the excitement you felt at having all those beautiful colors at your fingertips? That’s how I feel every time I log onto HubPages. Hubbers come in so many colors, textures, and shapes. Like an old box of crayons. Some are well-rounded from their collective years of living and writing. Some appear slightly worn but are still finding their way into the creative art. And finally, there are the ones that have barely been out of the box. They stand out because they still have the waxy new points just begging to be put to paper.

Okay, I’ll stop but only because I know I’m driving you nuts.

A cool new tradition on HubPages

So, a new tradition has begun here on HP and it’s the coolest thing ever. Chris in Hawaii created the Lollipop Award, an award presented by a hubber to another hubber. Now don’t go getting all excited. It’s a virtual award that you brag about but you don’t get to keep it. My friend Bill Holland was the first recipient and he will tell you that you can revel in its glory and boast about it but - you have to pass it on. To receive the Lollipop Award is a great honor because it means that another hubber has noticed your contribution to the HP community and thinks you’re making a difference. It’s better than money or flowers or trophies.

Chris in Hawaii, the creator of this cool award, offers this description of the Lollipop award.

“The Unofficial HubPages Lollipop Award is a virtual lollipop, but unlike the lollipops you get at the dentist's office (which I'm sure are given out with no ulterior motives involving job security), there isn't a whole bowl filled with these lollipops. No, there is only one single Lollipop Award on the planet, and the only way to receive it is to have it awarded to you by the current Lollipop Award holder.

The award is given to a Hubber who you feel is deserving of some special recognition, someone who embodies all that is great about HubPages...someone who is a giver and not just a taker, if you know what I mean...”

The Lollipop Award I received from Bill Holland
The Lollipop Award I received from Bill Holland

The honor

I got it! I got it!! I got the Lollipop Award from my friend and mentor billybuc (aka Bill Holland). Bill is the epitome of “good people”. He is passionate, bright, funny, and has a heart as big as the universe. He is the unofficial Ambassador of HubPages and for him to think I am worthy of the Lollipop Award is HUGE in my humble opinion! Bill Holland reduced me to a sniveling, snorting, “ugly face” crybaby when he announced that I had been given the Lollipop Award. I will never be able to adequately express what it meant to me but Bill, you know my heart and I humbly thank you.

It's easy to say hello; hard to say goodbye.

Okay, so here comes the tough part.

I can’t keep it. Chris’ rule says I have to pass it on and I can tell you that this is a lot harder than you think. When you have developed relationships with so many awesome people who are also amazing, creative writers, how do you choose?

Bill tried to make his dog pick but that didn’t work so I’m not going to bother.

Putting names in a basket would be the easiest way because then I could disavow being responsible for the choice. So, no, I won’t take the easy way out, I’ll do it the way I am suppose to, unlike Bill who used his Quija board. I’ll pull up my big-girl-panties and take responsibility for my decision.

There is some comfort in being only the 2nd recipient of this award because I know the Lollipop Award will have a long life and will eventually make its way to every virtual mantel in the HP community. All of my awesome HP friends will eventually feel what I’m feeling because they are ALL deserving of this award. How’s that for a cop out?

Can you tell I’m stringing this out, trying to hold on to the Lollipop for just a little longer?

Okay, I’ll do it. Here we go.

rcrumple (aka Rich)
rcrumple (aka Rich)


The third recipient of the coveted Lollipop Award is…..

drum roll please…..

******** rcrumple ********

rcrumple (aka Rich), joined HP about the same time I did. As a follower, he leaves insightful comments that make me think a little deeper about what I’ve written. As a writer, he is growing by leaps and bounds. If you’re looking for some hilarious reading, check out his series of “Nooze” hubs. They crack me up. But Rich is more than a humorist. He’s a poet and lately, he’s written some very creative hubs with some surprising twists. I love that he is stepping outside his comfort zone and he’s doing some really great writing. I think he more than meets the criteria for the Lollipop Award as he is a thoughtful commenter, a great writer, and a man who deeply cares about others. Drop by his profile at and congratulate him on being recipient #3.

All good things must come to an end.

And now, I reluctantly pass the torch to a very deserving writer. I hope it will bring Rich as much joy as it has brought me.

Bill, in case you’re wondering, it took me two hours to repair the damage caused by your death grip on the Award.

© 2012 Linda Crist, All rights reserved.


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