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Searching my boundaries – The 30 hubs in 30 days challenge

Updated on October 29, 2014
Challenging myself
Challenging myself | Source

The great decision

Soooooo, I decided to take this challenge this month finally :). Well, it is not exactly true that I am taking it ’this’ month, as I consider 07/30 as the start and planning to write the 30 hubs by 08/26… aaand one additional one of course, as the 30th will be my 49th hub overall, so I would like to celebrate the end and the (hopefully) successful end of my challenge by writing the 50th hub as well.

I know that this is a very hard job, but now I feel the power in myself and I have loads (at least 15) new article ideas in my head and some of these already have a word document on my desktop containing the most important thoughts that came into my mind.

Usually I am working on about 3-5 hubs at the same time, so sometimes I am able to publish more on a single day, meanwhile I post none – usually on the weekends, when I prefer to spend some precious time with my ‘new’ husband… Yep, I should not neglect him on the 3rd week after our marriage, right? :)

Am I the only one?

Have you ever tried taking the 30 Hubs in 30 Days challenge?

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My beloved grandma - I miss her a lot!
My beloved grandma - I miss her a lot! | Source

The challenge and me before – a sad story

I have to admit, this is not the first time I am trying to take and successfully finish this challenge. 2 years ago, when I found this fantastic site I was very eager to write and help my fellow hubbers to get to know more things that interest me and is possibly useful for them, too.

Sadly, I was unable to write more than 9 hubs in the challenge, as we went for a short family-visit to Germany and by the time we got home with Daniel, I had to found out that my grandma is very ill. It turned out she had bone cancer and I was unable to leave her alone and just sit in front on the computer, writing.

After a month she became much more sick, so we had to call the paramedics, who brought her to a hospital. It turned out if it weren’t for us, she would have died, so we did a good job when we called them at once.

But the worst thing came after this. The doctor told us she probably has only a month left. Most of my family and even Daniel and my sister’s boyfriend spent most of our time at her bed… And I am happy we did. Although she really passed on on the 5th of September in 2010, now I know we did good that we supported her in her last weeks. It was terrible and there’s not a single day when I would not think about her ever since. I guess it is not a surprise I was unable to continue/get back to writing after these…

And I have to admit, I completely forgot that there’s even a site HubPages…

A new beginning

2 years have passed since then and loads of fantastic and completely new things happened to me. Maybe you already know that I moved to a completely new country (UK), got engaged, had the wedding planned, etc.

That’s when I got an e-mail from HubPages. I have got loads through the months, but I have to admit I’ve deleted them immediately, even without reading them. But not this time.

In the end of June finally I decided to check back to this page. Suddenly everything came back… I have written 10 hubs in less than 2 weeks and I enjoyed it a lot. That’s why I’ve decided that when we will get back to the UK after our wedding in Hungary, I will continue writing. That’s what I am basically doing now.

My progress so far

So all in all, I consider 07/30 as the start and since then I have written several hubs already. You can take a look at my progress in the following table, which I will try to update daily, in case I publish a new hub.

So here we go:

Number of hubs published that day
2 - One of these hubs became HOTD :)
1 - This one
Hubs written altogether during the challenge:

So far so good I guess :). As I have already said, I have several new hub ideas in my head and some of them are already halfway to be published. Hopefully this time I will be able to successfully finish this challenge. I know I will get no accolades or anything in return; I just want to test myself and do what I like.

Of course I have to admit, that I wouldn’t be able to do this without my loving husband who is very happy that after all these hard years and unsuccessful applications for jobs I am happy and I do the 2 things that I like and know the most: I am helping people with my knowledge and also using my creativity. Ohh, and I am doing my newest favourite: writing :).

I already consider this challenge a successful one, as one of my hubs became the Hub of The Day on 08/10, so I am incredibly happy and this also motivates me a lot to keep on working and hopefully I can be ‘somebody’ here on the end.

The best day of my life
The best day of my life | Source

What have I learned during the Challenge?

  • You should not think about giving it up. Or if you do, just give yourself a break and relax, the next day you will see everything completely different :).
  • Tell your better half what you are doing. I’m sure they will support you with all their best – and with this, everything seems brighter already.
  • Always write down your new ideas on the spot. Since I do this I have the above mentioned amount of hubs under progress – either in my head or in a word document on my desktop. My phone is always with me, so I have the opportunity to take notes no matter where I am. And this only takes a minute, but worth a lot later - otherwise at home you would suddenly realise you had a great idea, but you forgot it! (Just like I did a few times before.)
  • If you are out of great ideas for new hubs don’t worry – there are plenty of great ideas on HubPages itself, like the Weekly Topic Inspiration, Contests or questions asked by other hubbers: I’ve already answered some of these in my hubs. So basically if you see an interesting question and you can give a great answer to it take your time and do some research on the topic to be able to answer the question with a quality hub.

My promise

That’s all so far. As I promised, I will update this hub regularly until I am finished with the challenge. Cross your fingers guys and wish me luck! :)

Update: I did it! :)

Only 19 days passed since I've started my Challenge - and I have already finished it! :)

I am sooooo happy right now that I could even sing and dance - the only reason I won't do it is because it's already past midnight here :).

Doing this challenge was not hard at all now, I guess I already had many experiences on how to and what to write into my hubs. And also, as I have already said I had many great ideas in my head to make them into hubs, and in fact many of these are still waiting to be published.

During the past 3 weeks I got loads of inspiration from questions asked by other hubbers, did Weekly Topic Inspirations and still tried to develop myself by reading about other hubbers' experiences, challenges and successes.

I hope with my successful challenge I will also be able to motivate others to be able to finish their 30 hubs in 30 days challenge. If I was able to do it, then anyone else is able :).

Yes, I know I'm crazy :)
Yes, I know I'm crazy :) | Source

Share your ideas!

Please feel free to comment on this hub, your feedback is very much appreciated!

Or, if you feel that you can write fresh, new ideas about this or a similar topic, just join our community and start writing!

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