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Making money with hubpages - Second hubpage challenge

Updated on August 5, 2013

I'm taking part in my second hubpage challenge to make 30 hubs in days. The start date is 31st July 2009.

In my first hubpage challenge it took me about 80 days to make 30 hubs - to read how I got on and how much money I made with those hubs see the hub I built about The hubpage challenge.

This time round I hope to build the hubs faster and to concentrate on more profitable niches. It should be interesting to compare the results from the two challenges to see if I've learnt anything!


This time round I'm trying to make full use of backlinking and hubpages internal linking from the get-go.

Therefore I've created this hub, with a link to it from my profile page and blog, and will then list all the hubs on this page to provide them with a backlink.

I will also be trying to build backlinks to the hubs by writing articles on Infobarrel (who also have an Adsense sharing scheme where you get 75% of the Adsense impressions)

My second strategy is to try to add information to the hubs as I go along to see if the "query deserves freshness" aspect of Google's algorithm really boosts pages that have been updated. Therefore my hubs should be lengthening as time goes by and I add info to them.

To track it all, am keeping a spreadsheet usuing Open Office (free to download) to see how each strategy affects each hub.


Day 1 (31st July 2009) Made three hubs

Day 2 (1st August 2009). Made another two hubs, plus updated the three I created yesterday. All of yesterdays hubs got indexed by Google, so now it's just a question of trying to get them higher in the SERPS.

Day 3 (2nd August 2009), Made another hub and have added material to the hubs I made previously. All the hubs for this challenge have been indexed so far.

Day 4 (3rd August 2009) Made another hub.

Day 6 (5th August 2009). Made another two hubs and have started writing articles to back up existing hubs. Am getting a trickle of traffic from Google and Yahoo to these hubs, so it's just a question of patience I get till the traffic reaches critical point.

Day 8 (7th August 2009) Have now made ten hubs altogether, including this one. Am getting traffic from the search engines but have not made any money yet. Looking back at the first hub challenge, I had made 5 hubs by this stage and made my first money on day 9. So I'm ahead on the hub building, but possibly behind on the earnings front (unless something happens in the next 24 hours!) Looking back to the previous challenge, I spent more time building backlinks, which might be why traffic and profit were higher, so will spend the next day or two on this. Have also been continuing with my strategy of updating the hubs I've made to add content and lengthen them. We'll see if the strategy pays off.

Day 9 (8th August 2009). Right on schedule I got my first earnings from Adsense - $1.46. Have spent the day going back to the hubs I've built, revising, adding new material, making corrections and adding more tags. Will restart hub building again tomorrow.

Day 10 (9th August 2009) Have now made 11 hubs to date. Will be working on backlink building the rest of today

Day 15 (14th August 2009) Have now made 15 hubs and earnings are at $3.88 from Adsense. Thus far I have been concentrating more on getting the hubs written than on backlink building, but look to remedy that over the next week.

Day 21 (20th August 2009) Have made 18 hubs so far, and my earnings from these hubs stands at $5.53. I am ahead of the last challenge at this stage, both in terms of the number of hubs made and the money made.

Day 30 (29th August 2009). Have only made 20 hubs so far (got a little sidetracked in the last week or so with other projects. Earnings from these hubs so far stand at $7.38. I will continue with this project till I have 30 hubs

Day 53 (21st September 2009) Have now made 24 hubs for this particular challenge so far - yes, I know I've really slowed down - this is because I've been concentrating on other projects. Earnings from this particular challenge stand at $12.54 from Adsense.

Day 69 (7th October 2009). No hub building has happened in the last 16 days! I have been busy with other projects. The number of hubs now stands at 25, and the amount earned from Adsense for these hubs stands at $15.61

Day 176 (1st Feb 2009) have not done any hub building for three and a half months. Have just made my 26th hub. Earnings from these 26 hubs stand at $43.44

Day 214 (11th March 2010) Earnings from these 26 hubs now stand at $55.11.

The results

Adsense earnings to date $55.11

* It took 214 days for earnings on 26 hubs to get over $50. That's down to me not building the hubs quickly and neglecting them somewhat (I haven't built many backlinks for instance). I will try to address this problem in the near future.

* the internal backlinks from within hubpages didn't really help boost the pages in the search engines but it's early days


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