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The Clarinet and the Clarinet Player: Maria Jordan aka marcoujor

Updated on May 31, 2013

Bb Clarinet

© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser

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  1. The Clarinet;
  2. The Clarinet-player;
  3. Maria Jordan aka marcoujor is a typical clarinet player;
  4. Marcoujor's favorite music for romantic love, sensual love, raw sadness, anger, nostalgia plus one specific memory.

Listen to the sound of a clarinet

Bb Clainet

The Clarinet

The clarinet is known as a woodwind instrument as it produces sound when the player blows air through a reed, causing the air within its resonator to vibrate. Woodwind instruments also include instruments such as flutes producing sound when air is blown against a sharp edge. The instrument itself can be made of wood, plastic or metal. The clarinet has a straight cylindrical tube with a flaring bell and a single-reed mouthpiece, which consequently led to the Bb (B-flat) clarinet’s nickname, ‘licorice stick’.

The clarinet family is the largest woodwind family. The most common clarinets are the Bb clarinet (soprano), the Eb clarinet (alto) and Bb bass clarinet. Clarinets are popular instruments in symphony-, symphonic wind-, philharmonic orchestras/ensembles, and jazz ensembles. As a solo instrument with or without piano accompaniment it provides soul-enriching entertainment. An ensemble composed of only clarinets is called a Clarinet Choir.

Bass Clarinet

The clarinet section of a symphonic wind orchestra comprises quite a number of Bb-clarinets playing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th parts of an orchestration. In this specific orchestra the clarinets produce the music produced by violins and violas in a symphony orchestra. Other clarinets such as the Eb- and bass clarinet could be added to comply with the requirements of an orchestration.

An average-size symphony orchestra may need only 2-4 clarinets players to produce the unique, deep, warm woody sounds envisioned by the composer.

Music for Clarinet

The Clarinet-player

A Clarinet player is called a ‘clarinetist’.

Clarinetists in general are bright, alert and sociable with several different hobbies and interests. They love working in groups. Typical clarinet players are born leaders. They are dedicated and hard workers, achieving their goals in a consistent manner. Organized and ambitious, they manage time scrupulously to please themselves at the end of a day with a list of completed tasks. Although productively busy, their deep awareness of another's suffering as well as their sense of humor make them the center of attraction at many occasions.

According to the urban dictionary clarinetists are the sexiest, most amazing talented people the world has ever known. They are known to be good kissers.

Never-ever say clarinetists are clarinetting. The latter is an obscene word referring to indecent behavior. Clarinetists may have open minds and some even have a vocabulary loaded with curses, but they are proud and refined and they don’t stand for immorality.

Calling them clarinuts is classifying them as too intense devotees of the clarinet and its music.

© Maria Jordan
© Maria Jordan | Source

Maria Jordan aka marcoujor

Looking for the musician in Maria I can clearly see a clarinetist in her. She has all the characteristics of a typical clarinet player. Her success as a writer at HubPages recently climaxed in a book titled Kylie’s Blossoms, illustrated by Michael Friedman and published by This is truly a charming bed-side keeper for young and old.

As part of Maria Jordan aka marcoujor’s audition for musicianship in Hubville Symphonic Wind Orchestra, I've asked her to submit a few songs that have the power to put her in a specific mood.

Marcoujor's assignmnent:

In her own words Maria justified her choices ~


I am a romantic at heart. I love when two soul mates find each other and connect efortlessly. Time stands still. No one else matters. Every word your beloved utters sounds like it is embracing you. I love being in love. If I could pick one song to express my romantic love, it would be: "Come Away With Me" by Nora Jones


Now, when it comes to sensual love, I believe in setting the proper mood. I love scented candles and the music can surely make or break the occasion.For me, the songbook I would gravitate towards would be the sultry sounds of Barry White. One of my favorite songs is: "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe".


Recently one of my students, 37 years of age, told me of her husband's death last year. She was notified
in the middle of the night that he had been in a fatal automobile accident. He was drunk. Their last words were a horrible fight where she demanded that he get a ride home from the bar. She was working 3-11 shift. The knock on her door came at 2AM. Her life has never been the same.

I know in my heart she will emerge stronger. My life changed dramatically in 1999 for different reasons. I didn't ask for the changes any more than my student did. I was also just 37 at the time. Even stronger, ever wiser, when I think of a song that make me feel raw sadness, it is: "Gone" by DAUGHTRY.The lyrics speak for themselves and make me tear up every time.


Anger is an emotion that needs to be channelled into productivity for me. I work hard to acknowledge the feeling and identify what/ if there is anything I can do about the offending issue. Music can be very therapeutic at these times, especially if I am feeling helpless in the situation. "Janie's Got a Gun" by Aerosmith is a song I listen to when I feel anger. It is a song of the unimaginable and what a girl does about it.


I am very nostalgic, very sentimental. I treasure memories, pictures, notes, little scraps of a concert ticket much more than the most expensive trinket.Music plays a big part in my memories. I can remember events by songs that were on the radio at the time. Certain songs remind me of certain people - both wonderful and quite the opposite. Martie, you question focused on LONGING. As such, my choice is "Yesterday" by The Beatles.This is a song that requires tissues every time.


MY FIRST KISS A girl's first kiss should be an experience to treasure and remember for a lifetime, right? Of course, music was involved. The year was 1973. The boy who had stolen my heart was Kevin. We were at a grade school social... the kind where the girls were on one side and the boys, the other. "Nights in White Satin" by The Moody Blues was playing. For me, the timing was right. For him, not so much.The kiss was a disaster. There was more chemistry in a high school lab. To this day, I laugh like a hyena at this song. Yet, I love it just the same.

Thank you Maria Jordan

The fact that you can connect your emotions to a specific song is a quality in your favor and will certainly ensure your success as a musician in Hubville Symphonic Wind Orchestra. To make your audition for 1st Clarinet an unforgettable experience you may use as accompaniment the following video of the Philharmonic Wind Orchestra ~

© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser

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