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The Definitive Guide to Making Money on Hubpages Part 3: Promoting Your Hubs

Updated on October 6, 2010

To make money on Hubpages you need three things. The first is good keywords and content. In the first part of this series: The Definitive Guide to Making Money on Hubpages, I spoke about how to choose keywords that are profitable and popular and how to write articles using those keywords.

The second thing you need is a good monetisation strategy. The second part of this series I talked about how you can use AdSense and Amazon to make money from your Hubs. In this part I am going to talk about how to get more traffic to your Hubs so that you can make some real money. Without massive traffic you can't really expect to make lots of money from your Hubs.

Having good keywords and well-written articles are just the first step to getting huge amounts of traffic to your Hubs. The next step is to promote your Hubs and drive traffic to them. In this part I'll give you some great strategies that work.

The secret to giving massive amounts of traffic and thousands of readers to your hubs is to have them ranking well in the search engines. At the moment there is only one search engine that really counts. That's Google. Google’s job is to  figure out which articles and pages on the web are a good match for a search or question that someone types into its search endgine. The way it does that is by looking for how many “links” a page has pointing to it. If an article has lots of links to it from other pages and articles on the web then Google thinks it must be a good article. It treats each link to a particular page at hub as a vote of confidence. The more votes you've got the more popular you are. And the more popular you are the best you must be at answering a particular question the searcheris looking for.
That's not to say that Google doesn't look at a whole bunch of other factors. There are at least  20 factors that we know about the go into the Google algorithm. Some of the things that Google looks at are which articles people click to when they are given a choice in the search rankings. The age of an article is important too. Google trusts older articles more than it trusts newer ones.  
To rank well you can’t just have lots of links. You also want to have a well written article and unappealing headline that helps answer the reader's question.
Some of the other things the Google looks at issues like page rank. Page Rank is a measure of how important your pages on the Internet. And Google likes to look on issues like the quality of your page or speed of your website. If you have a website that loads really slowly Google will mark it down. And there are some subjects that Google treats with a lot of suspicion. If you were to write about making money online or payday loans or some sort of pharmaceuticals like Viagra,  then Google would treat your site with some suspicion and you have to work really hard together to move up in the rankings. Assuming you're writing about good clean subjects in areas with good keywords and not too much competition the two most important factors for you are to write good Hubs with good quality content and good on page use of your keywords and then try to get them are links to those pages.

Getting legal backlinks

The easiest and best way to promote your Hubs is to get good quality legal back links to them.. Google really likes the links that come from articles that are about the same subject as the keyword that they are linking to in your Hubs. So for instance you are writing about “steel frying pans”, you want to have an article all about steel frying pans and some were in that must be a link with the word “steel frying pans” connecting back to your Hub. Once you've written these articles there are plenty of places you can publish them. A popular one called Ezinearticles. Ezinearticles is a free article directory that anyone can sign up with.
In exchange for writing an article of at least 250 words Ezine and will let you place what they call a resource box at the bottom of the article and in that resource box you can put two links. These are good quality links because Ezine has a lot of credibility with Google.. The reason for this is that each and every article that gets published on Ezine is checked by a human editor. That way Ezine doesn't end up with spam or spun content. Google knows this and put some weight on the links of Ezine.

Using Info Barrel for backlinks and to make money

Another good source of backlinks is Info Barrel. Info barrel works a lot like Ezine articles. You get to write an article published on their site and in that article you can have two links back to your Hubs. There is however one advantage to Info barrel articles that doesn't exist on Ezine and that is that you can make money on Info Barrel. On Ezine if anyone clicks on the adverts that appear next to your article all the money goes to Ezine. Info barrel, on the other hand, shares its revenue with the publishers. If you provide you AdSense details to Info Barrel then you get most of the revenue from clicks on advertisements next  to your articles. You can also provide and Amazon tracker and get a commission on sales through Amazon. The other great thing is that Info Barrel has an affiliate plan too. If you sign up to Info Barrel using the links I’ve just provided then Info Barrel will give me a 2% cut of the revenue that gets earned off your articles. This won’t cost you anything as it comes out of Info Barrel’s share -  but you can also set up affiliate links too.

Unique content

The important thing to remember is that you want to use unique content whenever you post it. That means if you've written a Hub about all different sorts are steel frying pans you can get, then you don't want to just re-post the same Hub on Ezine or Info Barrel. If you do that is a very good chance that the article on Ezine will rank higher in Google's eyes than your Hub. Even if your Hub is higher, Google won't treat the links with very much respect because it will know that the content is duplicate. So you want to be rewriting articles for all of the different places that you post.

The importance of anchor text in backlinks

When writing articles for backlinks it is important to understand how anchor text works so that you can get the maximum benefit from each and every link that you write. When Google crawls over the web and follows one article to another (or one link to another) it pays particular attention to what is known as the anchor text. Anchor text is the writing that appears with in the hyperlink itself. Oftentimes people will link from one page on the Internet to another page with nothing more than some text that says “click here”. In that case iIt can be difficult to Google to try to figure out what the article that is being linked to is about. You can make Google's life a lot easier if you tell it exactly what you are linking to. So if your Hub is about stainless steel frying pans, then the article linking to it should use anchor text that says “stainless steel frying pans” within the link itself.

When you choose your anchor text you want to relate as closely as possible to the keywords that you are targeting. But you also want to be a little careful that you don't make Google suspicious by doing what is known as Google bombing. Google bombing is when all of the links to a particular page have the exact same anchor text. When that happens Google will think that this is unnatural and will decide that you're actively trying to manipulate its rankings instead of just trying to promote your article. So you need to vary your anchor text a bit

Now that’s enough of this installment of the Definitive Guide to Making Money Hubpages. So get out there and start making backlinks and promoting your Hubs.


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    • Papajon profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Hi Prairieprincess, thanks so much and I'm pleased that people are finding it useful.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 

      7 years ago from Canada

      Very good practical information. thanks! Bookmarked, voted up, awesome and useful.

    • Papajon profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Tremcrest - they really are the key. Thanks for stopping in. And Kencun, I'm really glad that they are a help.

    • tremcrst profile image


      7 years ago

      This is good stuff. Backlinks are the key to success!

    • kencun profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm on the same journey, and maybe these tips are basic for many people, they are useful to me.

    • Papajon profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Hi Jeanie - I'm glad you found them useful and wish you the best in your online journey.

    • jeanie.stecher profile image


      7 years ago from Seattle

      Thanks for these tips Papajon. I agree with you on your tips here. I am very eager to try these methods as I have heard and seen that these strategies work. Thanks for these tips! =)


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