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Meet Nell Rose

Updated on April 6, 2016

Okay Make It Interesting!

Nell Rose is a conglomeration, big word, of two people in my family. Nell was a saucy great aunt back in the 1900s who was constantly told off by her sisters to 'behave' when she was being photographed.

She had that glint in her eye that made me want to go back in time and hit the pubs with her. We would have made a good pair, two gals out together in a time when women were supposed to behave!

And Rose? That was my lovely scrummy gran, my mums mother. She was 4ft 10 ins but had a personality the size of England. She was such a sweet little thing until the wrestling came on the TV. Then she stood up and threatened to 'punch his lights out' if the one she was yelling for wasn't winning.

So you can see why I chose their names as my online seudonym, moniker, call it what you will. And of course Nell is my favorite name ever anyway.

Or in the case of when my mother yelled at me it was Nelly! So yeah, anyway, hope you like my sojourn, love that word sojourn, through my three years of being a hubber, oh and a little bit about me too!


How Did You Find Hubpages?

I always promised myself that when I could afford a computer, I would try to find a website that was easy to use, and not get me so confused I would end up throwing the PC out of the window. I tried Xomba, yuck didn't like it.

I then went on to something else that I have totally forgotten the name of, shows how interesting that was, and then voila' up popped Hubpages. I think I must have googled 'Writing sites'. Anyway, there was Hubpages and I loved it from the start. I fell into writing so easy I haven't stopped since.

How Do You Choose The Topics To Write About?

All the subjects that I write about are purely to do with me in some way or another.

For example, the supernatural stuff comes easy to me as I have been psychic ever since I was a child. I didn't know what it was, but I always knew there was something spooky going on!

I remember having to go into my mums bedroom as a kid because every night I saw people floating around my bed.

Talk about an initiation into the world of Spirits! But the weird thing is, however many strange things happen to me like that, I always try and find a scientific answer to them. Keeps me grounded.

And the Health hubs, well all those things happened to me so its easy to look back and know the symptoms of a bad thyroid for example.

And swollen feet, ouch! Along with facial exercises to stop my skin dragging down into my neck, and such mundane aches and pains that we all go through!

What's Your best Hub so far?

Funnily enough I think my best hubs are the ones I wrote at the beginning of my Hub experience. Two of these stand out.

The first is The Sleeping Girl Of Turville which is actually the story of a distant relative of mine, and also the most copied hub! In fact I found it on Derren Browns Website.

Derren is a well known illusionist and magician and is frequently seen on TV. I emailed them and explained what had happened, and when they realised it was a copy they removed it and placed mine there.

I also got an apology for using the stolen story, and mine was given all the accolades etc, well, no, not quite but you get my point! And because he's a good guy he also let me place my second hub, below, on there too!

Julia Pastrana The True Story of the Hybrid Bear Woman.

A sad tale of a woman born in the wrong time, with a talent for singing but who was treated really badly because of her deformities.

Name One Thing That Has Surprised You Since You Started Writing Hubs

Actually there is more than one thing. I am constantly surprised by how much I learn on here. I can be sat in front of the TV watching a quiz, and a question comes on that I know the answer too, and I yell, that's so and so, I learnt it on hubs!

And of course the second thing is that I never realised how many friends I would make on here. Everybody is lovely. I still can't get past the awe of knowing I am chatting to someone in America, then South Africa, and even further, Australia! Oh, forgot about India! And so many more. It just proves to me that we are all the same wherever we come from. There are no limitations when we talk on here. We are all Writers and that's what's so great.

What Makes You Follow A Hubber?

There's just something about a person that draws me towards them. Its usually a sense of humor purely because I believe that having a good laugh brings people closer together, doesn't matter where we come from, humor joins us.

But of course if someone writes about a subject that I am nuts about then yes, they got me as a follower whether they like it or not! Lol!

But the best reason is that we are all different. I learn about things that I have never heard of before. So they get my interest and I get hooked on that subject. I am one of those people who has to read a book from cover to cover, read the ingredients on a packet and even scan the newspaper for anything I might have missed. I think I am a reading addict!

Advice For A Newbie?

Just keep writing. Make it simple, especially if its anything to do with technology, and bring in the personal touch. That way the reader can see you have tried and tested it, and it makes them feel more secure.

My most important point though is that if you are writing just to earn money, then don't bother. A writer must have that drive and push to want to write about anything and everything.

Unless you get the urge to pick up a pen even when you are out shopping, then don't bother. You will end up writing a few Hubs then give up. Make it interesting, make it snappy and make people laugh.

That's my advice!

Exploring Southsea Castle

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Southsea Castle Henry 8th Suits of ArmourMy friends on the beach
Southsea Castle Henry 8th Suits of Armour
Southsea Castle Henry 8th Suits of Armour | Source
My friends on the beach
My friends on the beach | Source

Lat But Not Least, Who Is The Real Nell?

Good question! I think I have changed so many times over the years I can't keep up with myself! In a nutshell, I got married at 19, divorced at 35. Found out my husband wanted to be a woman! Take a look at the link The Transition

Got my own back, went out and dated the League of Nations! Not really, but it seemed that way at the time! My son who is the apple of my eye, put up with all the hoo ha, still remained sane, and now lives with his girlfriend.

Me? I still date. Well, sometimes! Living in a small town, In West Yorkshire can be typical of a small village in England. Everybody knows your business, so I have to date elsewhere! Haha! Less said the better! I have actually just got married again! Whoo! lol!

But at the end of the day I am just Me. Nell. And all depending on whether I am being a seriously organised writer, that's Nell by the way, or the scatty everyday clown who is probably clumsier than anybody I know, that's Nelly, I am still just little old me!


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