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The Wonderful World of HubPages

Updated on June 3, 2019
The beautiful pathway into the garden of HubPages.
The beautiful pathway into the garden of HubPages. | Source


Welcome to the wonderful world of hubpages. It's a wonderful place to be. The sun is always shining, the birds are always singing, and everyone loves everybody else. You never hear a harsh or unkind word. This is where we go to create and enjoy the creation of others. Come in and visit with us.

Just listen to the crunch of the stones.
Just listen to the crunch of the stones. | Source

The First sight of HubPages Heaven

The trees majestically towered over the rambling cobblestone path. Over the sounds of crunching footsteps the cheerful sounds of a myriad of birds chirping and singing to each other floated down from the trees to the delighted group. Occasionally the sound of a rustle in a bush alongside the pathway reached the group causing them to stop and peer into the bushes hoping to catch sight of the small animals responsible for the slight sound. Unable to spot them the group would silently move on each unwilling to bring to an end the chance to catch a glimpse of the wildlife surrounding them. Each of the hubber silently wondering just how this place could get better.

As they got closer to their destination the trees began to thin out and they were able to catch glimpses of color peeking through the leaves. They rounded a curve in the path there before them was the beginning of a breathtaking garden. The cobblestone path continued to meander lazily this time through the most gorgeous flowering plants. There were various shades of pink and purples climbing over a stone wall and each other.

Where is this path leading us?

Could there be more?

What should we expect?

What fun to explore!

The butterfly garden is quiet and sweet.
The butterfly garden is quiet and sweet. | Source

The Garden of Holidays and Celebrations

The first garden seemed custom made for Redlf and Enelle Lamb. The minute they saw it Enelle wrapped her tail around herself in a cat hug and RedElf began to purr. They were sure to find many wonderful hubs hidden here by hubbers.

As they walked into their garden they mesmerized by the beautiful fragrant flowers in a rainbow of brilliant colors. Delicate Butterflies floated lazily from bloom to bloom while large fat bumble bees buzzed about the blossoms unable to resist the allure of their scent.

Over to the side was a small pond with fish jumping merrily as if to say, "Come on in, the waters fine." Surrounding the pond was a collection of flat rocks just the perfect size to stretch out on and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Oh yes, this was going to be the purrrrfect day. This was the perfect spot to find all of those wonderful well whiten hubs.

The perfect spot to sit and reflect.
The perfect spot to sit and reflect. | Source

The Garden of Religion and Philosophy

The next garden was claimed quickly by Ladyjane and KoffeeKlatch Gals, it looked to be a perfect fit. To them it seemed to epitomize the perfect spot to relax and find the hubbers hubs. Talking quietly, they drifted towards a set of steps made out of huge gray rocks leading to an area that held a large wooden swing surrounded by a sea of beautiful flowers in every color imaginable

Further down the path was a magnificent oak tree it's limbs stretched out in such a way that it led one to believe it was placed there for the sole purpose of providing the perfect amount of shade for the bench beneath it. To the left of the tree was a picturesque waterfall with water flowing over groupings of rocks buffeted by flowers that seem to tumble willy-nilly down with the water.

As they settled on the bench beneath they were delighted to by the aroma of fragrantly scented herbs floating gently on the breeze that cooled their skin and lightly ruffled their hair. Oh yes, this was the perfect spot to find those well written hubs.

What a beautiful bridge.
What a beautiful bridge. | Source

The Garden of Politics and Social Issues

Arriving at the last garden Patty Inglish and Zsuzsy Bee just knew this was the one meant for them. The other gardens had been so beautiful they couldn't imagine what their garden would be like. The first thing they saw was a magnificent archway covered in vines just dripping with beautiful deep red blossoms. As they walked through the archway they were greeted by a breeze of perfumed air filled with delightful aromas. There was everything from sweet to spicy to exotic. Their first glance of their special garden took their breath away. Every where they looked there seemed to be a sea of randomly placed flowers, each section more beautiful than the next.

The bubbling brook seemed to play a melodious tune as it flowed and bubbled it's way downstream. The grouping of flowers in riotous colors put them in mind of an Old English Country Garden. There was a small bridge arching gently over the brook, the perfect spot to stand and enjoy the flowing water and the flowers.

There by the brook was a large tree shading two small white filigree tables each with two inviting comfortable looking chairs. They seemed to beckon to them to come, sit, enjoy the peaceful, relaxing, musical sound of the water. Oh yes, this was the perfect spot to find all the well written hubs.

What beautiful flowers!
What beautiful flowers! | Source

© 2011 Susan Hazelton


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