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Thoughts and Cares

Updated on August 25, 2016

The mountain breaker

Dashrath Manjhi
Dashrath Manjhi

The mountain breaker's story

When I read this man’s story, I wanted to kiss this man’s hands in gratitude. Gratitude for making me proud of my humanity and for showing me what man can achieve and what man can create from nothing.

I do not want to plagiarize the work of neeleshkulkarni who wrote the story, but Dashrath Manjhi is a man who lived in poverty, working long hours for less than the essentials and yet he sacrificed his few free hours and himself by dedicating his time and labor into carving a road through an obstructive mountain with his bare hands, using a hummer and chisel.

The fact that this man comes from the land of the God-Like Gandhi may or may not have something to do with his dedication, but whatever the source of his courage and his iron will, he has given me unbelievable pride in my humanity and his lack of education and his absolute poverty has caused me to feel humility which I had never felt before.

I tried to find out how I could express my thanks to him for the pride and admiration he has made me feel by easing his later years with some financial assistance, perhaps a poor and impertinent way to show my feelings, but regrettably, having achieved his miracle, he has passed on.

So I kiss his poor tired, knurled, calloused hands in spirit as the tears run down my face and I say “thank you” to him, by asking you to read his story here:


Beyers Naud
Beyers Naud

The true South African – Beyers Naudé

Plagiarising tonymac04 should become permissible by an act of Parliament, so I have no shame in doing so on the subject of  Beyers Naudé.  A white man born into a white racist family  and society and who managed through the power of his own spirit to overcome the obstacles imposed on him by his peers and by his history. Labeled a traitor to his own people for his rejection of apartheid and his championing of human rights, he is an example to us all and I also urge you to read Tony’s story here:

While visiting Tony, you might also want to visit his other story on the subject of “White heroes of the Anti-apartheid struggle” here:



Everybody dies; a grace poem

I have come across a wonderful poem by Storytellersrus which, by the law of tradition, will be lost to posterity, but I think that it has everything necessary to make into a classic and deserves to be acknowledged, even iif it is by the few of us here. Please take the trouble to look at it and if you agree with me, please leave your comment of encouragement for the poet.

Lisa  Preston
Lisa Preston

The love of a parent: “A Letter To My Youngest Son”

For those of us who are parents, knowing how often we have failed our children through our lack of knowledge of their psychology and full of guilt for refusal to learn about children before we became parents, lisadpreston ‘s letter to her son is a lesson in humility and of taking responsibility even at a later stage in life.

It is my hope that those of you who are also parents may want to read Lisa’s courageous letter to her son and to offer her support and encouragement through the comments section.




I am a confirmed capitalist, but I am also a believer in capitalism with a human face. ltfawkes has written a story which reflects my own feelings and beliefs so perfectly, that I have included it here in the hope that you want to also visit him and leave him a comment of encouragement.

I know that others have different views, but our humanity should allow us to hold different opinions and still like each other sufficiently to tolerate a dissimilar approach to politics and to debate our differences in a civilized manner.

In Conclusion

I believe that it will be well worth your time to pay a visit to the above sites and if you agree with me, perhaps you can leave suitable encouragement in the comments section, in the hope that the people who wrote these wonderful pieces, may give us some more of the same quality in the future

.Dimitris Mita

De Greek


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