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Writing HUBS? Is this skill an ART?

Updated on December 28, 2012

What it boils down to, forever the question?

What is art?

Request Kasparu.

I can see that some Hub Folk are putting much effort into this question and deserve praise for doing so because it is a tuff call but I have also attempted this question many times. My conclusion is much the same as others but perhaps slightly different.

On many counts art is just about anything you can get away with calling art on the other side of this is another deeper understanding. Perhaps everything in the world produced and consumed by human beings is down to the arts and your whole world is built around the arts.

It is about so many things that all seem to be related to personal choice take a look in the dictionary and see that many other words used in describing art are of a personal nature. When you do it’s easy to begin to see that it’s little wonder we are confused with no true definitive answer.

Here is an example of words taken from, there are probably many more but here are some, quality, aesthetic, beautiful, appealing, significant, all of these words are personal, individual and not universal.

Perhaps we should be more inclined to focus not on the word art but more on being creative?

There is no universal beauty or appeal, I might think that something is beautiful but others may not and vise versa so therefore art is a personal choice made by the individual.

Damien Hurst won the prestigious Turner prize for presenting half a dead calf in a glass container filled with formaldehyde a fluid commonly used to preserve dead tissue for viewing, mostly within the area of medical science.

This work created a stir in the art world where many considered it to be a joke and not really art but a shock tactic to get attention but who dares wins and if that was the soul intention it worked?

These people didn’t understand it, did not want to or where not giving themselves the chance to understand. In most instances they weren’t given the chance because they did not get the full story about it’s meaning or the story was tainted with the self-interest of the writer or purveyor of the story, is education ever neutral.

Instantly for me this work provoked a reaction and I questioned the reason for this piece of work looking for meaning and that is what seems to be the whole purpose of the presentation, something to provoke thought or feeling in others.

A thought provoking, reactionary piece of work about life preserving death to raise awareness of death in the viewer something most people would rather avoid until they cannot do so and die.

To conclude this I propose art is a personal experience brought about by the creative components within us all.

What do you say about art? Writing HUBS? Is this skill an ART?

I would say that writing Hubs is a craft that in order to be good at it you need to be skilled, I would say that some hubs have artistic merit but this does not mean all Hubs.

As I have already said art is not easily definable if at all because again as I have already explained art is a personal individual experience that has no universal appeal so some will see your hubs as art others will not.

Is writing blogs art?

Writing blogs is much the same as writing hubs so the answer will be the same I will say also that the real questions to answer for me is, are blogs, hubs a useful use of your time?

I would say any form of free creative thinking is beneficial, developmental, and experimental, any form of writing is reflective so also rewarding in the same token, that this is actually the primary mover and learning process it’s self.

Reflect on something, write about it, and reflect on it again make adjustments until you are satisfied, publish it then repeat the process. The learning process is described like this; action and reflection inform the next action for further refection, learning and action.

This is what all artists do in order to become artists and produce art, writing is a skill and some writing is popularly considered to have artistic merit so in final conclusion Writing HUBS, writing blogs, writing has artistic merit.

If you don’t write you have no chance at producing anything written of artistic merit if you do write you have more of a chance and if you practice you get better.

Blogs and hubs give you an excellent opportunity to practice with a real audience and test your boundaries.

A word of advice if you decide to join any of these movements and get creative then just dive in, sign up and don’t sign out until you have written your hub, lens or blog page.

Do it and start learning by doing, not doing by learning that’s one surefire way to slow your creative self down, the middle way is most often the best and most often the way people go most naturally which is good for us all.

These people do a bit of experimenting and a bit of reflecting this soon gets creative like it or not, being creative is the fundamental essence of everything that enables us to succeed and survive in the world we live

Giving yourself the opportunity to become more creative in any area of your life will benefit you in other areas.

If you want to know how I write articles then keep an eye open for me or join my fan club or ask me to join yours because I be revealing my ways in the future.

Thank you and all the very best in your future.


Digital art is not something we are completely familiar with and so we must construct a new model vision.
Digital art is not something we are completely familiar with and so we must construct a new model vision.


Now 4 years after writing this hub I have reached a real conclusion.

Writing is an art but creating hubs is not just about writing, it is so much more than only the written word.

Creating Hubs is an art, yes it is and it is also one of the most noblest arts of all.

Creating Hubs is Digital Story Telling, combining visual, audio, senses, combining images, stories, information, text, photography, video, music, visual art, conversation and just about anything else that you can place on one.

Hubs are in the public domain and so they are also public art of what has always been the only real art, having something to say, on public display to the world, this is what I think, HAVE IT.

The modern romance could well be coming to an end because the truth is at our finger tips, The-MasterBakers are in the digital space join us.


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    • Gareth Pritchard profile imageAUTHOR

      Gareth Pritchard 

      6 years ago from North Wales

      Hi Alisha,

      Thank you for your vote of confidence, I read your work and it too is skillful and very helpful.

      All the very best, Gareth.

    • alisha4u profile image


      6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Writing as a whole is a skill...Not just a skill. It's an inbuilt talent, and you are one of those writers who are blessed with this in-born skill.

    • Party Girl profile image

      Party Girl 

      10 years ago

      Hi Gareth - Another thought evoking hub. You do see some very poor hubs, that have just been churned out to a set pattern. A good hub shines thorugh because the person is able to convey their enthusiasm for their subject matter. A good hub should give the reader as much information as possible to give them an insight into the subject. They can then use the links to take this knowledge further if they want to.

    • Gareth Pritchard profile imageAUTHOR

      Gareth Pritchard 

      10 years ago from North Wales

      Hi Wodge would that be your son? Thanks for the reminder.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      nice visuals, wheres mine

    • Gareth Pritchard profile imageAUTHOR

      Gareth Pritchard 

      10 years ago from North Wales

      Thank you, compu-smart for the additional in put and contribution.

    • compu-smart profile image


      10 years ago from London UK

      Writing hubs-blogs is a skill an art a passion an addiction and many many words and what ever you call it and no matter how long you hub for i have understood that no matter how artfull or skillfull you are, practise will never make perfect, as nothing in life is perfect but your hubs-blogs will get better.....


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