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Why don't our followers follow us?

Updated on September 2, 2011

Concept of Followers

A lot of online writing websites, including HubPages, allow you to follow other writers' work or make friends among the big community of fellow writers. Actually a large amount of traffic at all writing websites is generated by the writers themselves. They read, comment upon each others' work, encourage each other, argue sometimes - in forum discussions, or in discussions at comments posted to articles - in fact hubPages has an accolade for those who start interesting discussions in comments, Squidoo has a module (analogous to capsule at HubPages) called dual for debates. And in this process they increase the number of page visits.

Are your followers namesake?

Strive for better Readership
Strive for better Readership

The HubPages Community Viewpoint

Recently I came across a very interesting question (another great medium at HubPages to encourage the interaction between the fellow writers - asking questions, answering them, making hubs about them - you get an accolade for asking questions which inspire others to create hubs) "Why do followers follow us but do not support our work?"

I did some more research with related questions, and I found a couple of interesting ones - "Do you feel it's just plain rude for a hubber not to follow you back?" and "Should I follow all my followers?"

Almost all the answers to these two questions supported the notion of following a person only if that person's work is appealing to you - if the topics they write about are interesting. Very few said that it's not bad thing to follow your followers, and even fewer were strongly of the opinion that they follow their followers since it's morally correct thing to do.

So we could perhaps conclude, that on HubPages at least, most people would follow you if they find your work interesting - then why would they not read/comment upon your work? Some answers are pretty obvious, we will discuss them under 'Lighter Reasons'. Some are rather heavy, and if you are up for healthy criticism, they can provide a great feedback - We will cover these under 'Time for Introspection.'

Lighter Reasons

1. Not all your followers would be hyperactive hubbers. They have an offline life too, and let's face it - clearing up a backlog of notifications from HubPages won't be on anyone's priority list when you're back from a vaccation.

2. They just did you a favor by following, in which case, there is certain percentage of your followers who only influence the statistics. They are not really interested in your work so won't read your hubs regularly. Make sure you don't fall in this category, it's all about Karma you see. ;)

3. Many of your followers might come and read your hubs, and then they might not comment - they might not be active commentators, they might not have a comment for your specific hub, or they might be running out of time.

Time for Introspection

1. Inconsistency in Quality/Originality. When a person started following you, you had many good quality hubs which appealed to him/her. Now, the quality is not consistent - you are more lenient about grammatical/punctuation mistakes, or you might have started repeating yourself. Often people won't unfollow you, but then if you do not maintain the quality, originality etc. your readers would start to lose interest in your work.

2. Diversified topics. You wrote great hubs for one topic. About 20 people started following you. Now you thought, let's improve the spectrum by writing for another topic. While this would definitely attract another category of audience, it might repel the first 20 followers who might not be at all interested in your new topic. So make sure you write something for old followers too.

3. Difficult hubs to comment upon. If your opinions appear too strong in a writeup, people might feel hesitant to comment upon your work - in case they offend you. Use Satire instead of straightforward criticism, avoid using too strong language and using examples/incidences to state your opinions is often more effective for expressing your views.

4. Making it easy for people to phrase comments. You could put in some extra effort to make your hub more interactive, with a poll, or by asking questions from readers which they can answer in the comments section.


While there can be many reasons which you can't do much about, there might be some improvements which could bring you better readership along with followership. So continue with good work - strive for better quality, Happy Hubbing.


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    • anusha15 profile image

      Anusha Jain 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      @Storytellersrus: Sorry for the late reply first of all. I agree with the time problem. I've some solutions to suggest. May be you would like to "topicwise" follow an author, or follow some columns - I've a couple of hubs about it, google reader and the wonderful feeds options provided by HubPages can provide an elegant and efficient solution so that we can follow at least some hubs/hubbers who write on topics which interest us the most.

      @Faceless39: It's not that I do not agree with your perspective. Most authors either have something to offer which is of my interest at the moment, or being good authors who write on versatile topics, will most probably have something to offer in future.

      Having said that, the word follower becomes a kind of misnomer here. Your followers are not following you, they might not want to read all the hubs you write - they might be following you because you're following them :) or because they wanted you to follow them in return. That is what the hub is all about - followers who don't follow you actually and why does that happen. On HubPages too, it might be easy to gain followers but it would be rather tough to gain quality readership.

    • Faceless39 profile image

      Faceless39 6 years ago from The North Woods, USA

      Rated up, useful, and interesting. I've thought about this a lot and have come to one conclusion: It doesn't bother me to follow people who have even one particular sentence that's made me think or has affected me somehow. Most writers DO have something to offer, and I feel reading is totally subjective. In addition, if somebody follows me, I follow them back. It doesn't harm me, and they are very welcome into my world! :)

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 6 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      I would like to comment with the reason I do not read the hubs of all I follow. I do not have time!!! I am sad that I can not spend all hours of my day reading the work of my thousand followers. I understand that they, too, cannot read my work daily or even monthly. Some I have not seen for years. I think we need to be conscious of this reality and not take it so personally, when our hubs are not read by all followers!

      I find myself communicating with hub writers in waves. For a long time, I was writing Will Starr every day. Before this, I was back and forth with Shalini or Feline Prophet or Fast Freta. After awhile, I transition into another subject matter that inspires me and I learn about that particular concept from hubs.

      I used to beat myself up about not reading all the hubs of my followers at least weekly. Then I realized I am human. I try to read one hub from each, annually!

      Great topic for discussion. I will follow this hub to find out what other hubbers think and how they handle it all. Thanks!

    • anusha15 profile image

      Anusha Jain 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      Thanks so much for the generous comment ChrisFC, I'm glad that I've gained a follower and a potential reader too :)

    • ChrisFC profile image

      ChrisFC 6 years ago

      Some really good points on which note I will follow you hehe :). I agree we shouldn't necessarily have to follow those who follow us, and I totally agree that you should at least show some interest those who you follow.

      Good hub, keep it up!