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Write 30 Hubs In 30 Hours - Take 2

Updated on June 4, 2010

Publish 30 Hubs in Just 30 Hours

I few weeks after I began actively participating in HubPages, I encountered the standard Write 30 Hubs in 30 Days challenge. As a fast typing, professional writer, I thought that could be improved upon. Specifically, I set out to publish 30 Hubs in 30 hours. Unfortunately, some family events, and one doozy of a technical problem (unrelated to HubPages) sapped my time, and I was unable to complete the task.

Still, getting an additional 30 Hubs published would undoubtedly help increase the amount of traffic my Hubs get, and by extension, increase the worth of those Hubs to my various online entrepreneurial efforts. More importantly, it would give my writing greater exposure, and since the goal of any writer is to be read, posting 30 Hubs fast is a win-win situation.

Writing Quality Hubs Fast

In my previous attempt at writing 30 Hubs in 30 Hours I documented some helpful tips for writing and publishing quality Hubs quickly. However, in the course of attempting the feat, I encountered several other thoughts and tips that would be useful for anyone else looking to build up an arsenal of Hubs quickly.

How Long to Write Quality Hub?

One of the misconceptions that I picked up on via the comments and messages that I received during my last attempt was that publishing thirty hubs in thirty hours involves publishing one hub per hour.

While that certainly works out mathematically, I wouldn't recommend it. Writing for 30 Hours straight is a recipe for low quality writing, especially toward the end of those 30 hours. Most writers write best when they are fresh, and after being awake for a day and half straight, you won't be fresh. Additionally, unless you are single and jobless, I'm not really sure how anyone could make that work out.

On the other hand, if you wrote one Hub every half hour, that would only take 15 hours. Certainly more doable, but still a tough row to hoe for all but the most free time blessed of us.

Instead, consider an average of writing one Hub every 20 minutes. This drops the overall time commitment to just 10 hours over the course of a day and quarter. While still a significant commitment, this brings the faster Hub Challenge into the doable range for a standard person with a family and a job. Sure, it sounds really fast, but if you do it right, there is no reason you can't write a quality Hub in 20 minutes.

Lighting Hub Challenge 30 Hubs 30 Hours

I think a little hyperbole always helps spur on one striving to achieve a tough goal. So, I have decided to call the 30 Hubs in 30 Hours version of the HubChallenge, the Lighting Hub Challenge.

To answer a few questions that popped up last time:

  1. No Hubs have been pre-written.
  2. No Ideas have been formally preconceived or written down, although like most writers I do have a million ideas swirling around in my head at any moment, if only I can grab onto one of them when I need it :)
  3. I am not re-using or "spinning" any articles that I have already written for any other purpose. Although I cannot promise to not cover a topic that I have written about previously, I will not be referencing any existing text and would write about the topic fresh.
  4. No, I don't think this makes me special, or better, or amazing, nor do I think that this "proves" anything. I just think that have 60+ Hubs NOW would be better than having 60+ Hubs in 30 days.
  5. If for some reason, this rubs you the wrong way, please just ignore it and go away.

We'll see if I can set aside a real, solid, block of time in order to accomplish this ambitious goal. Of course, 30 Hubs in any amount of time is a very respectable accomplishment, so if 30 Hours doesn't work, push yourself with a 48 hour goal, or even a one-week goal. Whatever it takes to get you writing, is the right number.


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