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Write Quality Hubs in 20 Minutes

Updated on August 28, 2020

Why Publish Hubs Fast

One of the best ways to get off to a quick start at HubPages is to publish several quality Hubs very quickly.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Indexing - So many new pages get published at HubPages every day, that the spiders that build Google's index, and those that build Bing's index, can't "catch" all of those Hubs right away off of the New page. More Hubs = More Chances to be indexed.
  2. Links - Just like with indexing, people won't catch all of your pages right away either. However, when they do read one of your Hubs, they'll find links to more of your Hubs. If they like what they just read, then they'll click them and you could end up with a new fan.
  3. HubRank - Your HubPages links are nofollowed until you get an author score, or HubRank of at least 75. Assuming your Hubs are good ones, More Hubs = Higher HubRank.
  4. Look Good - Seriously, whenever you click around HubPages, are you more likely to really check out an author who has 8 Hubs, or one who has 80 Hubs? You never know if the 8 Hub guy is just passing through and will never be back or not. The 80 Hub guy has plenty of material for you to read, even if he never publishes anymore. Of course, if those 80 Hubs include several recent ones, then you've found a quality author who produces new content, and those are the ones people like to follow.
While professional freelance writers are used to cranking out content quickly, there are still some good tips that all Hub authors can follow to help publish good hubs fast.

Quality Better Than Quantity

Before we go any further, let's get one thing straight. Quality always beats quantity.


For human readers, nothing says, ignore this guy, more than reading a thinly veiled marketing attempt, or even worse a page that barely makes sense because the article has been "spun" so many times that it borders on unintelligible. Likewise, plain, old, bad writing is a big turn-off to readers too. No one really cares if you split your infinitives, as long as the sentence makes sense when they read it, but mistakes that are obviously just un-proofread typos scream "Don't Bother."

When it comes to computers, or more specifically, the spiders and algorithms that build Google's index and coveted search engine rankings, there will be those who say that quality doesn't matter as much. Unfortunately, in some situations, they are right. While Google has gotten pretty good a filtering blatant junk, they have a long way to go in being able to detect less obvious garbage.

Be that as it may, that is Google's unrelenting goal, and they have teams of people working on it full-time, every day. They even have a whole team dedicated to fighting webspam headed up by semi-official Google spokesman Matt Cutts. Just because they can't get you today, doesn't mean that they won't be able to tomorrow.

So, it's your choice:

a) build a ton of junk content that will one day become worthless


b) build quality content that will be worthwhile forever

Quality Writing in Just 20 Minutes

Is it possible to crank out a quality Hub in just 20 minutes?

Yes, absolutely!

However, that does not mean that you can write a good hub on anything in 20 minutes. Many things simply take more explaination, research, or dedication than can be accomplished in twenty minutes. To write worthwhile Hubs in 20 minutes, you'll need to follow some guidelines.

  • Write What You Already Know - There is no crying in baseball, and there is no research in writing 20 minute Hubs. You've spent decades on this planet and in that time you've learned TONS of stuff. It may seem elementary to you, but many of us have never been where you have, so teach us what you know.
  • Write Clear Sentences and Move On - Good writers, especially professional writers, have a tendency to polish their language too long for writing quick Hubs. While it is true that writing is actually editing, it is also true that a good sentence is a good sentence, especially when the topic is light and the writing style is friendly.
  • No Graphics - You can spend hours Photoshopping a picture for your Hub. Of course, if you do, you won't be finishing them at a rate of 3 every hour. Come back later with graphics, or use the basic clip art included with MS Office.
  • One Topic - Don't explain supporting topics in your Hubs. Instead, break them out into new Hubs. For example, I started explaining how you could write a quality hub in 20 minutes in my first post about the Lightning Hub Challenge because it was one of the ways to be able to publish 30 hubs in 30 hours. This way, you are still producing fully documented reasoning and quality information, but you are getting credit for more Hubs. Besides, this way, people who don't care can skip it, and people who care about the other idea more than the original can find it.
  • Link Later, Keyword Later - If you are using HubPages as part of an effort to build valuable links to other websites, or using HubPages to generate income, you know the importance of linking and getting your keywords just right, but now is not the time. Consider the additional value of having a critical mass of Hubs FIRST and THEN worry about what to do with the traffic. Otherwise, you'll have 5 super search engine optimized Hubs with high cost-per-click AdWords targeted, but unfortunately, you'll only be getting four visitors per day.


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