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Writing for Money - Make Money Writing on Internet

Updated on March 31, 2016

Writing on Internet

First Story! There are many website offering you writing for money. They told you as if writing for money is easy business: you write and then they pay! You sign up and start posting your works. You work hard and posting hundreds articles. You are inpatient waiting your first payment. But nothing happen, there is no money or check! You totally disappointed.

Second Story! Maybe you already joint a website that offering sharing revenue from click ad. You sign up Google Adsense, Kontera, Amazon, eBay,and many affiliated pay for click programs. Same story above, you write and write. You check for instant your Adsense account. Alas, just a few cents you got in your first month. Next month, a few cents! A year gone and clicks just a few dollars. Again, you totally disappointed. How miserable! Now here is the new perspective to recover you from basic mistake. Read it slow and enjoy it.

Writing for Money - Basic Mistake

Writing for money in internet is not instant process. What is the truth? Of course internet is a resource of money! Definitely Yes! But first rule: You must know how internet work and gave you money. If you writing for money, put in your mindset that everything need process, patience, and quality.

Here the examples: in HubPages, most writers got their first a hundred dollar US$ 100 of Google Adsense payment after writing around 50 - 100 articles. It took times around six months up to a year. Many good writer already got additional incomes around 100 - 150 dollars per month.

What is their secret? Eureka, we found it! First of All, they write well, and posting their good writing in a good site.

Writing for Money at Hubpages

There are many good websites that offering writing for money. One of it is HubPages that I already joint. HubPages is great site to write everything you would like to. I recommended HubPages to you, because I would like to help you. I just save your time looking for a good website writing for money.

Writing on Internet: Two Basic Principles

There are two principles writing on internet that ignored by “instant” writers: the first principle, they did not respect and ignoring their readers. The second principle, they did not learn to understand the character of their readers, especially internet reader. Both mistakes will kill your opportunity become good writer on writing for money. Here the explanation:

Respect Internet Reader - First Principle

First mistake make by beginner writer is they did not respect the reader. Once again, they did not respect their readers! You cannot foolish them. Your reader is a creature with brain and absolutely they are not stupid. Maybe you can attract them by excellent title, keywords trick, backlink, CEO, and by various internet tips and tricks. But if your content is under quality, suck, rubbish, or copy paste from others site, they will not visit your site anymore! Most of “instant” writer do this basic mistake. You can foolish search engine with your high tech computer skills, but again, you can not foolish the internet reader. Warning: Do not do that!

Respect your reader, no matter what you write, as long as you write with passion, clear, conscious, plain words, there always people love to read it. Most people just write their experience, tips, simple thought, but because they write it well, short and simple, they build their reputation as good writer. No matter what you write, as long as it good content, it always found their loyal readers.

Internet Reader Characters - Second Principle

Writing for money in internet should apply this second principle: understanding internet reader characters. Internet reader is a busy and haste person in the world. They hurry to search. Warning: they did not read! Warning: they did not read! They just scan your article. First, they read your title, if you did not have good title, they leave it.

Tips and Trick: Before you write, decide first what is the type of your writing style? If you write a broad topic, it is better you write a book. In other side, if you just would like to write a single and simple topic, just choose essay or article style

After reader found your title is interesting, they click and scanning your content. If you write simple, conscious, clear --and reader like short articles-- after scanning they will decide to read it, or bookmark your site. But if your content is suck, reader will just leave your site, and never come back.

Remember! Internet readers are fast and scanning reader. They love short articles, but it does not mean that you only write 100 up to 200 words. Short means that you just write important content with single topic, straight to the point, it is OK if it becomes long articles.

Here the tip: if your article is too long, it is better you divide it becomes two or three articles. Keep it short. My personal advice: if you write a long article, make it no more than 1500 word.

Make Money Writing: Content is the King

Make Money Writing on the internet, above all mind set and the principles, we can resume it as wise word or philosophy: Content is the king. Maybe you can make your site pretty with picture, graphic, sound, video, but it is nothing without good content. People looking for useful content thorough internet. Picture, graphic, video are needed, but use it properly to support content.

If you would like to start writing for money, a good writer always put in the first place Content is the King. Be a good writer with good quality content. What you waiting for? Start now writing your content. HubPages allows you to create a Web article on anything you like. Here’s how it works:


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      Pamela Lipscomb 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      I love learning how to make money writing. This hub gives great information