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Should a single Haiku count as a hub?

I realize someone may respond with a Haiku. I was dumbfounded tonight to stumble across an account that had many hubs that were comprised of single Haikus. This seems to not be in the spirit as to what Hubpages is all about. So just 3-4 lines of words equals a hub? There are a number of hubs I've spent a great deal of time on! I could write 10 hubs a day if they all contained just a single Haiku. What a great way to inflate your stats and trick the algorithms into giving you more money. A valid hub could be The Best Haiku Writers of the 20th Century.


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5 years ago
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    Missing Link 5 years ago

    Thanks Doc! That line you mentioned sounds like something Yogi Berra would have said. Thanks again for responding!