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Google Adsense: unable to access account!

3 years into Hubpages. school administrator migrated using gmail. Can't access adsense account. The google adsense troubleshoot is also useless because my error message is none listed under the "What error message appears when you try to sign in?" All I have is the ca-xxxxx ad-sense publisher number. Unable to contact google because unable to log in with migrated email. Able to call google but the canned message is they have no customer support over the phone. unable to mail to google. HELP! - I want my $$$$!


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Rob Hampton (robhampton) says

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4 years ago
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    ptosis 4 years ago

    Well What i TRIED to do was open another adsense with anouther email just so I can be able to contact these b@stiges but they won't accept from,,,, so what email domain DO they freakin' accept?!?!?!?!