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If you delete a story you wrote from another site, is there any way you publish it on HubPages?

I had forgotten that years ago, I tweaked one of my stories to make it work for a fandom and posted it on fanfiction.net. It got several comments and views on HubPages when I put the original version up, but then yesterday I got an email telling me that my Hub had been unpublished because it was on another site. The only thing I can think of is fanfiction.net. If I went into my account and deleted the fan-fiction version, would I be able to republish the Hub or did I unknowingly doom the Hub all those years ago by putting that tweaked story on fanfiction.net?


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Wesman Todd Shaw says

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3 years ago
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    Elizabeth Bowers 3 years ago

    Thank you very much! Also, do you know if they count works posted on your Facebook page (I've shared several of my poems with my friends) as duplicate content?

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