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Why does HubPages routinely snip any Amazon capsules on a Hub they add to a network site?

Every time one of my Hubs is edited by HubPages to add to a network site they snip any Amazon capsules on the Hub. The Amazon capsule is alway extremely revelvant to the topic discussed and is not spammy, yet HubPages doesn't seem to ever allow them on Hubs I have on one of their network sites. I don't understand this. I count on the Amazon earnings and HubPages makes money off of Amazon sales too. Why always delete Amazon capsules from network site Hubs, especially when they are right on topic and useful to the reader?


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Best Answer Paula (fpherj48) says

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2 months ago
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    John Coviello (Rock_nj) 2 months ago

    Kind of strict of HP, but your explanation makes sense.

    Thanks Paula!