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Why did two of my hubs suddenly get a large sum of traffic in one day?

My top hub, How to Use Cinnamon for Protection received double the traffic for today and the other that received a massive traffic boost was, The Meaning of Camel Power Animal as Your Totem. The Camel Power Animal hub hasn't really performed all that well even after being transferred to the niche site Exemplore and has an average of 344 visits in a week and today reached 188 in one day. Is this a Hubpages glitch or am I getting this traffic organically. The only way I could see a hub getting that much of an increase is to take out an ad someplace. However it happeded I am grateful!

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Lana ZK (kalinin1158) says

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6 weeks ago
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    Maurice Glaude (newbizmau) 6 weeks ago

    This was an accident posting her on questions. I meant to post this in the forum. It was solved. Someone wrote an article over on GuysAskGirls and sourced my article. Thanks for commenting. That site seems to have some pull right now.