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What can cause a person to be banned from Hubpages?

Updated on May 2, 2011

Banned From Hubpages?

duffsmom asks a very important question, "What causes a person to be banned from HubPages?". Here is the link if you are interested. Well, let me start by informing you that I'm not going to cover all the things others have. I've discovered the really bad things HubPages dislikes.

Stealing Or Borrowing

Stealing seems to be against most policies. HubPages is no different. I'm not talking about stealing (borrowing) content. I'm talking about stealing an identity.

Try to assume another Hubber's identity will get you banned. HubPages is about originality and that includes it's members. Can you imagine two of me running around this site? What a nightmare.


Naturally spelling is a very important part in writing. No one likes to try to decipher misspelled words. Shouldn't even happen online with the availability of spell check.

While the readers may hate misspelled words, HubPages doesn't mind. However, you misspell the name of the site and they will come down on you hard! It's HubPages, not hubpages. Notice the Capitol Letters? You've been warned!

No Photos

Notice everyone who has no profile photo has a real low Hub Score? Actually they did have photos, but as they began to upset HubPages, they stared to become nothing more the outlines. Male or Female doesn't matter. You just become an unidentifiable outline.Eventually you will disappear. Sad isn't it.

So I suggest you get photos up on your profile pages. Let us know who you are!


I know I said I wouldn't discuss the obvious reasons for being banned, but here me out before you jump in my stuff.

HubPages hates spam. We already know that spamming in the forums or comments section will get you booted. However, HubPages hates spam so much that even if you buy it in the grocery store, you risk being banned. Personally, I think it's a bit much, but it's not my site. I just try to follow the rules.


I imagine that streaking through the offices of HubPages will get you banned. It won't even matter how fast you run through the offices. HubPages will find you. Chances are you will write a Hub about it and get discovered that way.

Please do us all a favor. Don't include any photos of that adventure. Even though you will be banned, I might stumble upon that Hub and see something that might traumatize me before you are shown the door.

Just Kidding

This was a fun piece and in no way reflects how HubPages decides to ban people. I suggest you read the rules and follow them.While these may not officially be listed, I bet streaking will get you banned

I also suggest that you follow me for a while. Writing funny articles about HubPages may also get you banned. Time will tell. 


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    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      3 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      This article should be required reading for all new hubbers and a few old timers also. Voted UP!

    • csmiravite-blogs profile image

      Consolacion Miravite 

      4 years ago from Philippines

      I noticed it in the forum. When I clicked some of the hubbers, their profile no longer shows. What's worst is they have this big sign splattered on their wall ---- Banned by HubPages! Whoa, that's the reason I got on this hub. Thanks for an enlightening article! Also about the spelling of HubPages, I was not so keen about that, so I usually write it down in small letters. Hahaha! A thumbs up!


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