First off merry christmas

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    texasbtchposted 9 years ago

    how do i write a story on hub pages?

  2. Bible Studies profile image69
    Bible Studiesposted 9 years ago

    I would write your story in a word processor, one that preferably has spelling and a grammar check. If you don't have one, then note pad or word pad will work. Get your thoughts written down and edit your work.

    Go to your account, and click on start a new hub. Create your title, and add tags which are words or phrases that describe your hub. Click next. Then read the next page, and if your hub meets all the rules, click next again.

    On the next page. Click edit on the text capsule. Copy what you written in your word processor, and paste in the text capsule. You can also add some photos if you want. Preview to make sure everything looks good.

    When you are done hit publish. If you feel like it needs some more work, you can hit the save, and publish it later on.

    Hoped this helped.