The YouTube Blackout - Has Google Gone Too Far This Time?

  1. Miranda Rights profile image52
    Miranda Rightsposted 9 years ago

    YouTubers are seriously upset that Google, sorry, YouTube has announced it will now be censoring profanity in videos by algorithmically demoting them. With Adsense has come censorship, and with censorship has come great anger.

    Over 2000 outraged comments hit the YouTube blog before commenting was turned off, and YouTubers have taken action against the Google by organizing a boycott of YouTube on the 19th of December.

    View the post here (ironically called 'A YouTube For All Of Us')

    View the outraged video responses here:

    Combined with Google's stance against net neutrality by approaching intenet providers to get deals to stream their content faster, this could be the beginning of a turning tide if Google doesn't get back onside with its user base.