PROBLEMS IN CREATING A HUB TITLE: error msgs, does not accept title

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    aHappierLifeposted 5 years ago

    Hi all
    I am trying to create a new hub, but the moment I finally find a title on my subject, that is not taken yet, an error pops up saying "USE MORE SPACES IN YOUR HUB TITLE"

    I guess it  refers to the number of dashes (-) between words.
    But it does not make sense, because then when I add more spaces and more dashes and more words (I tried up to 10 dashes) it keeps on popping same warning!
    I do not understand why it asks me to add more words and spaces? I thought it is better to give a short title?
    My other hubs only have 2 spaces between words
    I did not have any problem with the title (requirements to be long or short)

    Do you have any idea of why it is doing this and how I can skip this error ?
    Have rules changed about the title spaces, just within last week?
    I tried 3 to 4 different browsers, 3 different PC and cleared all cookies and history

    So there is something wrong, !!
    Can anyone help me in this?
    Thank you so much

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      aHappierLifeposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I wanted to say this problem seems to be resolved, I figured a way to give my hub the title I wanted with no more problems
      Thank you