Site Wide Issues - Cause Determined ?!

  1. jacharless profile image80
    jacharlessposted 5 years ago

    Team Hub {and Hubbers},

    Last week, I noticed a malware issue, with site slowness, server offline-online issues and some Hubsters mentioning iframe ads, unwanted pop-ups or odd things happening. Today, there appears to be nearly a dozen or more individual issues, from Amazon to signing in via FB, to Stats, uploads and beyond...

    Had mentioned this looked identical to a Blackhole Exploit, which a client of mine recently came under such an attack. I did not realize it was still there, until looking deeper into the Amazon thing.

    The ss below was found inside the ../HubTool/Create/Name as well as ../HubTool/Edit/3296208 file(s)  starting around Line 960. There's a lot more, no doubt. This would certainly explain the many site-wide java issues and errors.

    Hope this helps. I know it is a royal pain to clean out everything file by file. {shivers}