Built-in Keyword Density Checker

  1. SincerelyT profile image59
    SincerelyTposted 5 years ago

    I'm not sure if it's been suggested before, but I think it would be highly beneficial to all of us if HP added a keyword density checker.

    I'm a member on InfoBarrel, and they have this feature where as you're writing your article, it will automatically tell you if you have a high number of keywords/keyword phrases. This helps A LOT especially if you're not purposely trying to keyword stuff.

    This feature will save the HP staff time, and hubbers won't have to get their hubs unpublished for something like this.

  2. melbel profile image97
    melbelposted 5 years ago

    While I think it's a good idea to consider a keyword when creating a hub, I don't think hubbers should be encouraged, in any way, to hit a certain keyword usage range.

    The best articles I've read on the 'net (and I use Google search plenty often), have a very natural sound to them. Whenever I feel like I'm reading something that's been intentionally built around a keyword (and I'm immediately able to pick out the exact keyword), I'm very turned off.

    There's a hubber (I don't remember, anymore, what the keyword or even who the hubber was), who had dominated Google search with a hub (for a rally good keyword), solely with the keyword in the title... it was never mentioned in its exactness anywhere within the article.

    1. SincerelyT profile image59
      SincerelyTposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I understand where you're coming from, but I'm looking at it in a slightly different standpoint.

      My reason for suggesting this is to save time. If you have too much of a certain word repeated within your hubs, you will be warned to correct it by this feature. That way....a moderator doesn't have to manually come and unpublish a hub for something that can be quickly removed/revised via the keyword checker. From what I know so far, HP has never said you couldn't use keywords in your hubs, just don't stuff your hubs with them.