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Keyword Density: % vs. #

  1. easyspeak profile image71
    easyspeakposted 7 years ago

    Is it better to have a certain number of keyword phrases in your hubs, i.e. 3-4 keyword phrases? 

    OR is it better to do it by percentage like 2-6%?

    If you use one of the other, what metric do you use?  If you do it by #, how many do you use?  If you do it by %, etc?

  2. Greg Cremia profile image61
    Greg Cremiaposted 7 years ago

    if you use a formula it won't read right. if it doesn't read right it won't produce. If your key words are your topic and you write about your topic you will have it covered.

  3. thisisoli profile image72
    thisisoliposted 7 years ago

    Use a percentage, not a number.  The number of Keywords should depend on the length of the article.  Either way, keep the writing natural and the keywords will take care of themselves.

    1. darkside profile image82
      darksideposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      What thisisoli said.

  4. Sue Adams profile image97
    Sue Adamsposted 7 years ago

    I just check that the main key phrase is in the URL, the titltle, description and the conclusion. Plus however many the text demands naturally in between. I couldn't cope with formulas so I'm glad people say it'll take care of itself.

  5. easyspeak profile image71
    easyspeakposted 7 years ago

    great thoughts everyone.  Thanks!

  6. profile image53
    Siew Chengposted 7 years ago

    Use percentage. 
    If you find it hard to keep track of keyword density, then try to break up the hub into smaller subheadings.  You can use one text capsule for each subheading, and let your keywords appear there.
    Eg, Introduction to xxx
    Why xxx is important
    How to make use of xxx

  7. Has_aWayWithWords profile image65
    Has_aWayWithWordsposted 7 years ago

    They way I do it is write the article based on a certain keyword or phrase but do not concentrate on the number or % of use. Write the whole article so it makes since and reads well. Now when that is done go back and find where you can insert the phrase and have it still make sense to readers

  8. wyanjen profile image81
    wyanjenposted 7 years ago

    I took one hub and re-wrote pieces of it as an experiment. I used 2% KW density. It reads just a little bit clunky, but not spammy at all.

    There were a couple other KW tricks I had read about that I put in too, just to see what happens.

    It is by far my most viewed hub. I get a few views from Yahoo Search, but 95% are coming from Google. (And, it's not the most interesting topic in the first place, so I'm real happy with it.)

  9. Paul Edmondson profile image
    Paul Edmondsonposted 7 years ago

    I wouldn't worry about keyword density.  I'd focus on  covering the topic in detail and creating useful information.  Almost always, information that is created naturally does better in serps than keyword pumped content that reads clunky.

    The only keyword thing I pay attention to is how competitive the the phrase is.  For example, getting traffic for highly competitive terms is often a stretch, so I prefer to find a niche keyword with less traffic, but a good opportunity to get some of it, then none of a large, but very competitive term.  Make sense?

  10. wyanjen profile image81
    wyanjenposted 7 years ago

    Hi Paul

    It does make sense smile

    But at the same time, the hub I messed around with is the only one in that group that is not zeros every single day. I'm not about to rewrite any more hubs though.

    Granted, my stuff is not really popular. But even with the keywords that I think should be getting some traffic, I'm striking out. So, clearly I am missing something lol

    Thanks for the advice!