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Resolved: Security features on the new hub design

  1. molometer profile image85
    molometerposted 5 years ago

    I like the new design and cannot wait to switch to it. However I found this issue with it's security and wanted to let you know. If you didn't already.
    I know we do not pass secure information between ourselves but what about people wanting to make a purchase from one of the affiliates?
    Is this a problem? I hope not but thought I would run it passed you guys before I switch profiles.


    Photo attached shows site is insecure?


  2. MickiS profile image85
    MickiSposted 5 years ago

    Molometer, those security alerts appear in your Chrome browser because we do not use SSL on the user profile page. In fact, we never have, they appear on the old profile design as well.

    There is nothing that requires encrypting on that page and no need for SSL. So all is working as it should be.

    1. molometer profile image85
      molometerposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi MickiS
      Thanks for getting back to me. I have switched profiles already as I assumed it was not an issue, as no financial transactions occur on the core hubpages site.
      Never noticed to be honest that they previous profile pages were insecure as far as SSL is concerned.
      Does pose the question though. What about all these sites that keep nicking all of our hubs? Maybe you should beef up our security.

      PS As a side issue. If Google knows where everything is i.e.pageviews. Why doesn't it know when things have been nicked. (stolen)
      I am not expecting you to answer this. Just thought I would mention it.
      Have a great week

      1. MickiS profile image85
        MickiSposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Putting the page in SSL or not doesn't stop the content from being nicked. It only encrypts the data for the transport over the internet and unencrypts it when the page is displayed in the browser. The sites that are stealing your HubPages content are people who copy/paste your content from their browser into pages on their sites. So SSL doesn't stop that.

        As to your PS, that's a great question for Google! Wish I knew.