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A Newbie needs someone to give advice on her hubs!

  1. Marlene F. profile image65
    Marlene F.posted 9 years ago

    As a member of Hubpages for 3 weeks, I have only published 2 hubs.  I am trying to figure out what has not already been published, and publish on my interests.  If anyone has the time and is willing to take a serious look at my Hubs I would greatly appreciate advice on helping to make them better.  Thank you for your time, I realize that Hubpages is about quality and I just want to make sure that I am giving that to the Hubber community.  Marlene

    1. Jason Menayan profile image61
      Jason Menayanposted 9 years agoin reply to this


      You posted your reply as a report, not a reply. (To be used if you are flagging someone's post as spam or inappropriate) Make sure you are clicking the right link!

      Happy New Year everyone!


      1. gbrgn profile image72
        gbrgnposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        UIhhhh, thanks! I shouldn't watch TV while responding to posts next time! Need to pay attention.

  2. Misha profile image73
    Mishaposted 9 years ago


    I took a look at your hubs. I definitey don't see any serious problem with them. smile

    I can't say I read them, though, cause those are not my topics of interest, and both your hubs are pretty long. This would be the first recommendation  - make them shorter. You might consider splitting them into several hubs, making the central hub with brief description, and several others, linked from the central hub, with more detailed information.

    Another observation is you may use less amazon/ebay capsules and more plain pics instead. I doubt amazon and ebay will bring any revenue in a hub like yours, and having to see them every few sentences kind of annoys a bit.

    Right now I can't think of anything else, and remember - it is just my personal taste, others may have different opinions smile

  3. Marlene F. profile image65
    Marlene F.posted 9 years ago

    Thank you Misha for your advice, I will remember it for my future hubs...I originally thought I was better off giving more information in each hub than breaking them up!  I am sorry that mine are not what you are interested in, but I have 1000 more ideas, hopefully one of them will interest you when I get the chance to write them.  I am just trying to work on them one at a time!  I really appreciate your input!!! Marlene

  4. profile image0
    Leta Sposted 9 years ago

    You're doing great, Marlene.  You have an excellent score for just being here a short time!

  5. Marlene F. profile image65
    Marlene F.posted 9 years ago

    Thank you.  I really appreciate the feedback.  I am working on my third hub now, and can't wait to publish it!!!

  6. mhei profile image70
    mheiposted 9 years ago

    I read 2 of your hubs and I liked the contents.  You're doing pretty well, just add more photos and videos.  Welcome to Hubpages! smile

  7. Whitney05 profile image82
    Whitney05posted 9 years ago

    I'd suggest to set your amazon and ebay capsules to the right of your text. You have big breaks in the text now, and it would just be easier to read, overall, if everything blended a little better. The capsules wouldn't stand out as bad, either. Or you could set two capsules side by side, where you just have the one; in that case I'd make the minimum quantity  2 or 3 instead of 4 for each capsule.

  8. Reynolds_Writing profile image84
    Reynolds_Writingposted 9 years ago


    I reviewed your Hubs and echo the comments above. They look great.

    I thought your titles were strong,,, clear, concise and direct. Your hubs had lots of rich content,

    I agree that you should move the Amazon ads to the right side of the text and also should shrink down the photos and videos. There is too much space between the text and a reader may think that the Hub has ended if they don;t scroll down.

    Best of luck with your Hubs!

    - RW

    1. ServiceGuide profile image57
      ServiceGuideposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Shrinking the video is a great idea. I only joined today with my first hub and, although I'm reasonably pleased with it I didn't realise that you could play around with the size of the video link.  Cheers.  Advice much appreciated

  9. Dame Scribe profile image60
    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    Hi Marlene, you also have the option to EDIT your hubs if you want to make changes or add more , etc. smile

  10. AEvans profile image81
    AEvansposted 9 years ago

    Everyone has provided great information and the tribute to your father was a tear jerker and so hearfelt!!! Keep up the goodwork and I am looking forward to more articles!!smile

  11. Marlene F. profile image65
    Marlene F.posted 9 years ago

    Thank you for all of your advice.  I just got home from Mexico and got to see the replies.  I am going to try to figure out how to move the Amazon things to the right and to shrink the photos and videos.  Thanks again to everyone!