My AdSense not Approve

  1. ITcoach profile image59
    ITcoachposted 5 years ago

    You should try again and again and also follow the rule book for adsense account which you can found at Google adsense section itself. You need to tray again and again with more specification of your blog. Other then this you can buy your own domain and setup wordpress and write there and after 6 month you can apply for adsense. I personally applied 4 times to get my adsense account approved. Don't lose hope you should go for adsense other options are too bad and don't get you enough income.. but Google Adsense will get you handsome amount.. smile

    Any how there are some other ways also that give you to earn money online adopt them. If you have creative ideas in writing just write technology article and make money. It will give you a lot of exposure.

    Try to move to squidoo to for earning money but that is a slow process to earn