SUGGESTION: Clustered and/or PageMap Hub Feeds

  1. jacharless profile image79
    jacharlessposted 5 years ago

    Continuing to provide Hubber support, and global reach, is a given.
    Over the past week, have seen several positive changes, in clients sites, by integrating the PageMap versus CDATA or META, most of which are officially excluded/depreciated from the crawl.

    One such feature would prove very useful:
    Clustered Feeds or Feeds by Hub Group.
    For example, if a Hubber has a collection of articles under "Autumn Leaves", a specific [private] feed is generated for this collection, using the present purl format else the new PageMap format.

    -Update from older xml to pagemap style
    -Add publisher/author attribute
    -Add rating, pubdate, updated date attributes
    -Generate a [sexier] Rich HTML snippet, for previews/social sharing

    Break up the feed, which is presently limited to ten {10} items, into smaller, breadcrumb/taxonomy friendly ones, which then could be expanded to fifteen {15} article displays [per group].

    This would obviously aide in indexing, assist in tracking, via web master tools, those accepted, rejected, broken links to adjust accordingly. Ability to correctly apply {category, sub-category} to new clusters of Articles, using Structured Data Tools, Snippet recommendations.

    While I understand the PageMap is indented for custom search and results, have also seen it improve quality, relevance of certain categories based on using the on-demand indexing function aka sitemap.

    Sidebar: also recommend a "Hub Zip" feature to back-up articles on-demand.