The Ability to tickbox a list of Hubs/Q&A's to unpublish all at once

  1. CCahill profile image86
    CCahillposted 4 years ago

    Currently unpublishing Hubs is a tedious process, first i have to sort by views within 30 days, then i click edit on a hub thats not doing well, this will then take me to the Hub edit page, i will then have to press unpublish and then i will need to return to my account page and sort by views again and then repeat the proccess all over again.

    It would be much easier and logical to play a tickbox at the side of hubs, so that multiple hubs can be selected to perform one function to all with just one click of a button. Even easier if the button 'Unpublish' would be on the same page.

    I feel this is vital for Hubs and would also be nice for questions (as i have a theory that Q&A idle pages are negatively affecting SEO for our sub domains and the entire Hubpages site), however removing all my questions with the current system is an unappealing task.

    1. derek gulbranson profile image78
      derek gulbransonposted 4 years ago in reply to this

      Thanks, this is a good suggestion.  Are there any other actions that Hubbers would also like to perform on multiple Hubs? We should probably also do the same with delete.