Hub Challenge Rules and Guidelines

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    Simone Smithposted 5 years ago

    Are you interested in taking on a Hub Challenge? Fantastic! This is a great way to commit yourself to a regular publication schedule and build a robust online portfolio.

    For more details on the Hub Challenge, stop by our official Learning Center guide.

    If you are ready to start right away, follow these steps:

    1. Determine your ultimate goal (Is it to fix up old Hubs or publish new ones? Is it to develop a niche online or build a strong personal brand?

    2. Determine what achievements will help you reach this goal (e.g. editing Hubs that aren't getting much attention, updating old Hubs, publishing a certain number of Hubs, publishing Hubs on a certain subject, or publishing Hubs and getting more engaged on external sites as well).

    3. Determine a time frame in which you would like to accomplish those achievements (e.g. one month, one year, 60 days, etc.)

    4. Start a new forum thread in the Hub Challenge forum (HubPages Tutorials and Community > HubPages: The Community > Hub Challenges)

    5. In your new thread, declare your goal, your achievmeents, and your time frame (e.g. "Because I want to become the go-to expert online about giraffe food, I am taking on a Hub Challenge to write 15 Stellar giraffe health Hubs in 60 days")

    6. Tell your friends, family, and followers about your Hub Challenge and why you're doing it- the more people know, the more likely they are to give you support and keep you on track.

    7. Update your friends and followers on your process by sharing links to your Hub Challenge Hubs in your personal Hub Challenge thread or our shared Hub Challenge Hub thread.

    8. When you have successfully completed your Hub Challenge, celebrate- and be thankful! Consider taking the friends and family who supported you out to dinner, and leave some thank you posts on the Facebook Walls and Google+ pages of Hubbers who supported you.

    Here are some additional Hub Challenge tips:
    *Focus on QUALITY over QUANTITY. One Stellar Hub can be worth 20 normal ones.
    *Do not mention your Hub Challenge in a Hub itself. This will confuse your readers, most of who will not know you and will not know what you are up to.

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