Ads on Hubs about Transgender Issues

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    Bronwyn J Hansenposted 5 years ago

    The HP FAQ says that HP and their advertising partners have decided that advertising will not be permitted on Hubs about sexuality.

    As a transgender member of the HP community, I would like to know why we are not allowed to earn money from sharing our experiences with others.

    I have a series of (tasteful) articles related to my growing up as a female trapped in a male body.

    Will HP look at changing this discriminatory practice, or should I take my original content on this subject elsewhere?

    1. Sapper profile image71
      Sapperposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Take it elsewhere, particularly to a blog. Article directory's, like this, are good for back-links, but not so much for earning. People will disagree with that, but it's the truth.

      With your own blog, you make the rules. You can write about whatever you want, you can format it anyway you want, and it opens so many more doors as far as earnings go.

      Keep your hubpages account for back-links, but I would delete what you want to move and write replacement articles.

      Just my opinion though.

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    Bronwyn J Hansenposted 5 years ago

    Hi Sapper.
    Thank you for the suggestion. You raise a good point about back linking as opposed to earning.

    Will definitely look into a blog to share my experiences through smile