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Music in the background of movies

  1. HoneyBB profile image98
    HoneyBBposted 5 years ago

    Who hates when they play music in the background in movies making it impossible to understand what the actors are saying? It drives me crazy because I spend too much time trying to figure out what they said during the music that I can't catch up on what they're saying after it has stopped. I wish they wouldn't play music at all while people are talking.

    1. Louisa Rogers profile image61
      Louisa Rogersposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I agree. Movie has become way over-used as a dramatic technique. Hollywood has never grasped the power of "understated," and always thinks MORE is more effective than LESS. It's very annoying! But this gets me onto a rant-- music is everywhere, not just movies. Government offices, banks, stores. It's hard to get away from it.

    2. moonlake profile image90
      moonlakeposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I agree. Its not just movies but they play music on the shows on TV (Rizzoli & Isles). They even play music with the news. Drives me crazy and my husband is hard of hearing so all that extra sound makes it really hard for him.
      I wonder who came up with this idea. Its bad enough we have to put up with loud music in our stores.
      Our world is noisy enough we don't know more noise
      I have wrote emails and complained but it doesn't do any good. I guess they just don't get enough complaints.

  2. GoodLady profile image94
    GoodLadyposted 5 years ago

    I think you could write an interesting hub about those movies!  Agreed that sometimes it is overpowering and really takes away from the movie.

  3. agvulpes profile image86
    agvulpesposted 5 years ago

    I thought it was just me smile and I totally agree!
    I just don't understand the logic behind the idea of making the music soundtrack louder than the voices, is it just bad mixing or something more sinister  hmm

  4. Silva Hayes profile image89
    Silva Hayesposted 5 years ago

    I've noticed that the more formulaic and trite the movie is, the more they rely on loud sixties rock to make the movie seem cooler and more hip or whatever.  I noticed it in Shrek and lots of the so-called comedies they've ground out in the last few years.

  5. Rain Defence profile image92
    Rain Defenceposted 5 years ago

    Music makes a movie. You've either got your sound systems set up incorrectly or need new hearing aids if you can't hear the dialogue. Or both.
    There are movies out there with poor sound mixes, but generally if they didn't have music, they'd be far less entertaining.

  6. Dee aka Nonna profile image80
    Dee aka Nonnaposted 5 years ago

    I, too, thought it was just me.  I happen to like most movie soundtracks and even own a few, but there are times when it is just too loud.  I would think that, as you say, when people are talking they could not play the music....I would be happy if they would just play it softly in the background.  That way it will not take away from the feeling or effect the movie maker is trying to create with the music.

  7. JJMargaret profile image60
    JJMargaretposted 5 years ago

    I agree also. I have a hard time hearing when there is a lot of background noise and they do overpower the dialogue with the loud dramatic music. I also think it would be better with soft music in the background. I can never hear what the actors are saying when they have their voices really low and the music really loud.