A Quick Question About Disqus...

  1. don tilton profile image60
    don tiltonposted 5 years ago

    I'm fairly new to HP, but since I have started I've enjoyed a fair readeship, for a starter. But one day, one of my hubs got noticed on a Disqus and the visits to the Hub skyrocketed. I would like to repeat this, so I need to know two things: a) How did it get the traffic from Disqus? Was it posted there somehow? and b) how do I go about repeating this? Does anyone know?

  2. PhlebotomyAdviser profile image65
    PhlebotomyAdviserposted 5 years ago

    My understanding is that Disqus is a means to interact on a particular webpage in a forum or comment section. It is the equivalent of into a blog using facebook or twitter. My guess is that you were featured somewhere else and people signed in using Disqus. I could be wrong, but that appears to be the case. I would find out the source website and figure out how and why they displayed your content.