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Question about the site 'She Told Me' for anyone who may use the site

  1. Jamie Brock profile image92
    Jamie Brockposted 6 years ago

    Question about the site 'She Told Me' for anyone who may use the site

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone else here uses the site She Told Me. I'm told it's a good place to post hubs for backlinks. I was approved there but if I'm understanding correctly I'll have to pay 5.00 to publish my hub/link.  Did anyone else have to pay $5. Am I understanding it correctly. Anyone who knows, I sure would appreciate some advice. Thanks!!

  2. trecords0 profile image61
    trecords0posted 6 years ago

    yeah, they turned it into a pay site.  i joined, but don't use it either (dirt poor).

  3. LindaSmith1 profile image59
    LindaSmith1posted 6 years ago

    It is a rip off. At first it flashes list blogs, etc for free.  But when you go to sign up, and read fine print, you find out that it IS NOT A FREE SUBMISSION SITE. You have to pay them to use it.

  4. Shawn Scarborough profile image84
    Shawn Scarboroughposted 6 years ago

    For a long time She Told Me was a free submission site for your links.  A few months ago they changed to having to pay either a monthly fee or an annual fee.  I have chosen to stop using the site.

  5. Cyber Scribe profile image67
    Cyber Scribeposted 6 years ago

    Both RedGage and Best-Reviewer are better than SheToldMe and they are both free.

  6. Cyndi10 profile image89
    Cyndi10posted 6 years ago

    Jamie, I started to sign up and had the same experience you did. Not worth it when there are so many other opportunities that are free. I let it go.

  7. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 6 years ago

    Technically - it's against Google's rules to pay for backlinks.  So don't do it.