Differing hub titles in Google results?

  1. mattforte profile image91
    mattforteposted 4 years ago

    Odd thing I've never run across before.
    I've been working on some SEO for another hubber the past week or so, involving several title changes. One hub in particular I've been keeping an eye on. Today I noticed that the hub showed both the old and the new title in Google search results, depending on the keywords searched. It isn't a bad thing - in both instances, the title is an exact match to the search term (It ranks #2 for both) - just odd and I don't understand the mechanics at work here.

    The "updated" version says "3 days ago" whereas the other one says August 11th...when the hub was originally written. Click on either of them and it brings you to the most current version of course.
    Has anybody else encountered this? Is it common? I've personally never seen it before and while it isn't hurting anything (I actually hope it stays this way), knowledge is power.

  2. Cliff Mendrez profile image89
    Cliff Mendrezposted 4 years ago

    Just today I came across a similar experience. I've been researching for keywords for future topics. I searched for a particular keyword using Google and the #2 result was a hub. I checked it out and was surprised to see that the hub title is different from what is listed in the search results. I would also like to find out why this is the case.

  3. SimeyC profile image96
    SimeyCposted 4 years ago

    This is probably something that should be asked on Google's forums - sounds like some sort of timing difference for indexing depending on the keyword!?