Hide in the shadows 2

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    Cookie Monster 2posted 5 years ago

    Al I walk in the shadows, helping friends, family, people I love and strangers in the street, sometimes without realising I end up hurting the people I care for the most, I think I'm doing the right thing but don't realise until its too late that I'm causing more harm than good, and its at that moment you relies you need to walk away, you relies you've came out of the shadow and shown to much of yourself, I now find myself hidden from the world, hidden from everyone you care for, ill continue to help from the shadows but won't be drawn back out, I can't and I won't it hurts too much, not because of how I feel but because how I've made others feel. I will never loose faith in the good I know I can do, even though for now it has been shaken.

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      MissJamieDposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Do you care to share any examples of why you've been shaken? If you're trying to help others, how could that end up wrong? I mean, we all make mistakes and it makes us feel bad for a time, but you can't hide forever. If you're a helpful person, the world needs you.