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Security Vs. Paranoia or Discrimination?

  1. sassychic profile image56
    sassychicposted 9 years ago

    Ever since 9/11 people have become more cautious with security and "being" safe if I go that far. Um yeah but what happens when a person that is brown gets stopped twice in an airport for being brown? What if the person is asked to step behind the line and be examined and poked and pried at by security and misses a very important flight to a special event?

    What if that person feels the invasion of privacy and intimidated by the fact of Big Burly dudes staring them down?

    Others walking by stand and watch u?
    Or even people start laughing and call you names?

    Im done being treated like crap! Its not fair that because Im brown I was taken under suspicion that I was a stupid terrorist! or Something ridiculous like that!
    I feel that is discrimination against color! What has happened to America?

    This has happened twice to me!
    No Im scared to go through secruity at places and such!

    There's got to be other people that understand where Im coming from!
    Im a girl too what am I going to do? Pop open a popcan that supposed to have sprite and its a weird Silly puddy solution? What the heck!

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    Rainbow Briteposted 9 years ago

    I completely understand your pain.  While I have no suggestions, I would offer my own small condolence if you will have it....write about it.  That's what I'm doing....check out the thread "Idea for a hub"  I started that one and have gotten a lot of positive response from our fellow hubbers.  Idk what we can do to change the whole world's opressive beliefs but I like to think that if enough of us band together then maybe we can cause change to happen, even if it is painstakinly slowly.

    Rainbow Brite

  3. KCC Big Country profile image87
    KCC Big Countryposted 9 years ago

    I agree with Rainbow Brite.  I think you should write a hub about your feelings on the subject.  I would however, steer away from the anger side of it.  I'm not saying the anger and resentment isn't warranted.  People are moved to action by emotion and if someone feels they can empathize with someone they are more likely to want to help.  The key is being descriptive enough that ANYONE can put themselves in your shoes and want to do something about it as much as you do.

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    Rainbow Briteposted 9 years ago

    Excellent point KCC!  Way to be!