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  1. SawyerTHEBEST profile image60
    SawyerTHEBESTposted 4 years ago

    Just 2 complaints. I love this site thought ^_^

    1st, when adding a photo, when you click "import" to add a picture from a url. there are too many sections to add urls, and I have to waste time and scroll done just to click ok every time I import 1 picture. and I have a bigger than normal screen 15' resolution : 1280x845 . This could be done without taking out any of the bars at all, just decreasing the space between them.

    2nd. I usually use hubpages from my powerbook g4. And the animations when moving capsules is a little retarded. First they will move down in the animation , then be in the wrong place, move back up then stay in place. That also waste a lot of time, and isn't very necessary and i'm sure on older systems it punches them in the face with lag.

    Thats all thought ^_^ peace out girl scout. Hope to see some changes.

  2. Simone Smith profile image91
    Simone Smithposted 4 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback and the kind words, SawyerTHEBEST!

    I think the import scrolling image is not widespread, as I've never seen that as the case on any computer/browser- not sure if there's something we can do about it, but I'll ask.

    About the capsules- one thing you can do to avoid them going all the way to the bottom first is to use the scrolling add button to the left of the Hub- that neat tool slots them in right where you want!

    Hope that helps. smile