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  1. Kyle Briggs profile image56
    Kyle Briggsposted 5 years ago

    Hi fellow writers! I'm still new to hubpages and would really appreciate if you could help me out. Maybe start on how I could invite more users to follow my hub. I guess that could help a lot right? Tips to on how to make effective hubs and build lasting relationships are very much appreciated. Hope you could respond.

    1. Paul Maplesden profile image67
      Paul Maplesdenposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi there Kyle,

      This is something that new hubbers often have an issue with. The key to success on HP is interacting effectively with the community.

      I've written a hub covering this very topic, linked from my proifile, but in brief you can benefit from and by:

      1. Building and sharing your expertise
      2. Ensuring quality on HubPages
      3. Encouraging and feeding back to other Hubbers
      4. Sharing and creating great resources

      There are lots of ways of doing this, and the article goes into much more detail of each, I hope you find it useful.

  2. Simone Smith profile image93
    Simone Smithposted 5 years ago

    Hello Kyle! We're so glad to have you with us!

    Re: sharing Hubs, this is our official guide: … d-Google-1

    And re: creating Hubs that people find and *want* to share, here are two more: … ndly-Title … tellar-Hub

    Hope that helps!

    1. tillsontitan profile image86
      tillsontitanposted 5 years ago

      Welcome Kyle.  You really can't invite users to follow your hubs....making your hubs interesting, entertaining and as HP says "of good quality" will lead people to your hubs.  When people like your hubs  and the subjects you write about they will begin to follow you.  Another way is to follow others.  Be careful though, don't just go around following everyone.  Read their hubs, read their profiles, and if you like what you see then follow them.  It's a slow process but over time you will build a following.
      "Building effective hubs" is again something only you can do.  Write what you know and make your hub interesting and/or entertaining.  People will want to come back for more when they know you're writing is worth reading. 
      Don't give patient....write what you know and follow those whose writing you enjoy or admire and it will come to you.

    2. SmartAndFun profile image96
      SmartAndFunposted 5 years ago

      It also depends upon what your goals are here at HP.

      If you're looking for social interaction, then participating in the forums, following writers you admire, and giving feedback in the comments sections of other writers' articles will get you on your way.

      If you're here simply for creative expression, write away to your heart's content and invest time in the social part of it only if you want to.

      If you want as many people as possible to read you articles and you want to make some money from AdSense clicks or HP Ads impressions, then being a good HP social community citizen, posting in the forums, etc., isn't going to help much. If you want to make money and have your articles read by as many people as possible, then you need to use keywords wisely, which means using words that are highly searched and writing on topics that are highly searched. It will also help in this area to produce engaging, well-written, informative articles that move up to prominent positions in search engine results. Some of the most successful hubbers invest all their time writing rather than making forum friends. Very few fellow hubbers even realize these writers exist, but they get tons of search engine traffic that makes them plenty of revenue, and that is what they are after.

      I took a brief look at your hubs and it appears that so far they every one is about insurance. If I'm not mistaken, insurance is a highly saturated topic and it is likely that your articles will be buried deep among the literally millions of articles already out there on insurance. For example, I Googled the title of one of your articles, "Texas auto and homeowners insurance," and more than 64 million results came up. To even hope to compete in this topic you are going to have to put out some really terrific articles. Also, based on your articles it appears that English may not be your first language, so if I were you I would start by running all your articles through a grammar checker to clean them up. Finding a niche topic (a less saturated topic) to write about would also help.

      Best of luck to you, and welcome to HubPages.

    3. xionnguyen profile image59
      xionnguyenposted 5 years ago

      I agree with the above, create hubs, share your hubs through social connect, talk in forum, and follow others and comment on their articles

    4. Horatio Plot profile image80
      Horatio Plotposted 5 years ago

      Hi Simone, have you or your friend Paul M checked out this guy's content? Looks like the chaps at MTurk are off their game today.
      More quality Hubs from the pages of Hubpages...


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