The reason why We Pay Taxes While They Are Able To Just Print money

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    TakeshiYashimaposted 4 years ago

    I've found particularly intriguing post questioning following thing on my wall in facebook. That is,

    "How come We all Pay Taxes When they're Able To Simply print money out of thin air?"

    This is excellent question...

    Everyone, I am talking about everybody have to at least consider the rationale why it is the case.

    I have at least my version of answer to this particular point. In this time, Let me share my viewpoint / answer to this extremely important point. In order for readers to grasp my answer, everyone should certainly understand how government get hold of our money.

    Government will get hold of our hard earned money from people to fund its obligation in mere two approaches: 1st: Tax and 2nd: Inflation. Huge majority of men and women have a tendency to misunderstand that only way government can collect revenue is through 1st way: taxation. But, it just isn't true. In fact, tax is not primary source of how government funds its obligation. Primary source of this is actually option #2: through inflation.

    Then, issue will become...

    How come imposing taxes is not actually employed by our politicians?

    Because tax is visible to the people, this isn't government's favorite method to gain access to our hard earned money since even financially uneducated people can in fact see what they are doing to these people. Big brother is aware that if they attempt to impose tax exceedingly to people, they will be thrown away from the office.

    For that reason, Federal government really likes 2nd option: "Inflation = Money creation" to finance their debt given that simply few people understand inflation (Ordinary people can not understand this) and big brother can get away with many of us by fooling with this particular approach.

    Although it looks that second choice is safe to the people given that people do not have to pay more taxes, price of all things will eventually increase given that there is going to be far more currency in circulation once they create money. These two methods will eventually produce same outcome: Individuals can't afford as much.

    You now recognize there are two ways of government to collect (Steal??) all of our money and here's my answer to this very question. My answer to this is:

    Tax is merely a smoke screen. In case government does not ever tax individuals, public is going to be suspicious exactly where the heck all those funds can come from. Very last thing big brother wants public understand is the fact that inflation is in fact another type of tax. Government is definitely scared that government can not any longer fool people conveniently if people of you and I comprehend the incontrovertible fact that inflation is yet another and most insidious form of tax...

    This is actually the reason why powers that be hardly ever shares this to the people considering that continuity of the government depends upon ignorance of people. As long as people of you and I don't understand such subject areas as economics, finance and money, big brother continues to get away with most of its false doing by simply taking advantage of our lack of education. And, trust me...

    You will not like outcome of the end game...

    This is the reason why financial education is vital for every single person in the face of the planet...

    Informed yourself now...

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