Who wants to be in the Apprentice scheme?

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    pot-pourriposted 4 years ago

    My name is pot-pourri and I am a sock-puppet for an AP alum.
    Apparently as an AP Alum:
    1) I get favoritism - all my hubs don't go through the QAP process. NOT
    2) I have no right to defend HP or have an opinion that may seem to indicate I actually like what AP are doing?
    3) I have no right to disagree with anyone not in the AP as they 'know better' and have far more experience than I.
    4) I have no right to try and objectively argue with anyone on the forums.

    I'm obviously a worthless piece of garbage....

    Did you know there are several AP alum who will not post on forums or comment on contentious hubs simply because they get barraged by a gang of AP-haters?

    Is that what we want? I know I don't...

    BTW I know this is not the feeling of the majority of people on HP - I just wish people would stop taking aim at AP, Elite, Greeters or any other members that 'allegedly' get preferential treatment...