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Hub Views

  1. rajan jolly profile image89
    rajan jollyposted 4 years ago

    Have your hub views come back to the normal level since the drop in views four days' back? Mine have not and are still about 35% down. How are your views doing?

    1. Kathryn Stratford profile image90
      Kathryn Stratfordposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Mine seem to be doing pretty good now. There were a few days I had a few negatives showing up, but now it's back to normal, as far as I can tell. But since I'm new, I may not be experienced enough to really notice much of a difference.

  2. Paul Kuehn profile image93
    Paul Kuehnposted 4 years ago

    I appear to be getting back to normal (knock on wood!)  Within the past two days, views have almost tripled from an alltime low of 113 to a little over 300 just a few minutes ago.  I have also written two new hubs in the past three days.

  3. JCielo profile image87
    JCieloposted 4 years ago

    Hi Rajan. My views are back up to normal. Any idea what what the cause was?

  4. Louise Lately profile image69
    Louise Latelyposted 4 years ago

    Mine seem to be fluctuating constantly but that's probably beacuse I am new and do not have a steady stream of traffic. I only seem to see peaks whenever I post links to my hubs on sites like reddit and the like. If anyone's got tips please let me know.

  5. carol7777 profile image90
    carol7777posted 4 years ago

    Mine have stayed the same for a long time.  I have one hub that performs well eveyday. The rest limp along.  However I do get more views than a few months ago.  So as long is it keeps increasing it is fine.

  6. tillsontitan profile image88
    tillsontitanposted 4 years ago

    They seem to be slowly going back up...one never knows why these things happen.

  7. janshares profile image97
    jansharesposted 4 years ago

    My views are up, don't recall anything different a few days ago. The only thing is that there are stops and starts with stat updates. So I can't tell from day to day if my views are down or if my stats are not updated. One thing that is a plus is that hubscores across the board are up. I'm not sure if that is due to increased views or the QAP is catching up on rating hubs.

  8. Sphinxs Sanctum profile image61
    Sphinxs Sanctumposted 4 years ago

    Mine are still near death!  I don't have many hubs to start with & I see a Lot of Zeros!  Not a good feeling.

    1. janshares profile image97
      jansharesposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Well, I have plenty zeros today and for some unknown reason, hubberscore dropped 4 points. I've decided not to worry about it as much anymore and work on writing more hubs. Ho hum hmm